Monday, April 7, 2008

How about a Random Thoughts With Christi post?!

Here we go!

First, I am addicted to a new online game. It is called Fashion Story. I have conquered it in online mode and it isn't available for Mac, so I am sad.

Today was a BEEEEEEAUTIFUL spring day! I'm ready for it! Except for finding my clothes. That I haven't done, and I'm woefully low on clean clothing right might have to go searchin' in the morning!

I am so blessed to work with some wonderful Christian women!! On Friday, my coworker L. called me all THRILLED because her mother had just accepted Christ as her Savior! It was an answer to many, many years of prayer! And then after hearing about L.'s mom, K's daughter went to the altar yesterday at church and accepted Christ as well! How awesome is that?! And L. and I had a fantastic conversation with requests for prayer with T. during a break time....God is so good, and He has blessed me with so much. I so need to focus on that instead of the things I cannot control that I have been letting get me down lately. God has those things in control, too, and His time is perfect! He has a plan, and I just need to let go and trust Him!

OK, that was a small sermon. I digress.

I am thinking seriously about trying South Beach Diet again. I figured out that it is basically what I was doing last year when I lost about 10 lbs. So I know it works, and I'm not hungry, I just need to get my self in the mode and GO! Cause it is only 67 days til our cruise.....EEEEEEEK! And that means me in a bathing suit with my skinny sisters! EEEEEEEEEEK! OK, that should be motivation enough right there, huh?

Ok. So. Well. Keep typing....keep typing...thoughts will come.......I got nothin'.

So I guess I will end it there! Have a grrrrrreat (a la Tony the Tiger) week!

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Misty said...

ok. this may sound silly, but bear with me.
Do you think your friend (whose mom just accepted Christ) would mind if I emailed her? My mom isn't a believer and although this has worn heavily on me for years, lately it's becoming an increasingly heavier burden because my mom's health isn't great. We have a really odd relationship and she is coming to visit in a few weeks. Anyway, there is more to it, but I have NEVER encountered anyone whose parent became a believer in this type of situation. does any of this make any sense at all?