Sunday, March 27, 2011

One year ago....

I was in labor. It is so hard to believe that a year has passed since this little blessing came into the world! Though it hasn't been an easy year, it has been worth it! He has definitely completed our family. God is so good, and I am so glad that He has my life in His hands, and that His plan is perfect!!

Happy birthday, little man!! Mommy loves you sooo so so much!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

3rd child guilt!

I'm feeling guilty. I remember when we had Isaac's first birthday party, I had it totally planned, right down to decorations matching the cake matching pictures I downloaded and enlarged and colored to his outfit that matched the decorations! Now with Adam's birthday, I don't remember it as distinctly, probably cause I had two kids to keep up with! But I do remember that we had decorations! Today we are having Robbie's first birthday party, and we'll be lucky to get there on time and have guests! I feel bad for Robbie, though I know he'll never remember it or probably even care (since he's a boy!) So why am I torturing myself over it? I know I love him as much as I do Isaac, I just have a different life now than I did ten years ago (yes--my oldest turned TEN almost 2 weeks ago! Where does time go?!).

I do however, hate that we won't have as many family members there today. You see, Chris' family has numerous members who were born in March: both his grandparents, two aunts, multiple cousins, and Chris himself. And on my side of the family, my Mom celebrates her birthday on St. Patrick's Day! We always had a March birthday party in the Scott family leading up to Isaac's birthday, and then we hosted the March party for several years ourselves. The tradition seemed to die somewhat after Chris' Papaw died. His Mamaw is still living, but is not in good health and won't be able to come to the party, and I'd be willing to bet all the aunts and uncles and cousins won't either. And again, I know that they mean no harm and that it isn't that they don't love the little fella, but I just hate that this is the case. Both my sisters are out of town this weekend...again, not a problem, I'll just miss them!

I know that the important thing is that we are there to celebrate his birth and first year with him, and I'll concentrate on that! We've had somewhere we had to be (at least Chris or me) this week every night, so we're tired, too!

So here's to almost a year of living as a family of five...something I never truly expected to do, but am so happy that I am!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was laying down with Robbie earlier today, and he was examining both his hands at the same time, kind of like he had just discovered that he could control them separately. He would bend his fingers and look back and forth from hand to hand, then clap his hands for a few seconds, then would lift his hands up and look at them both again, wiggling fingers and such. It delighted me to watch my little creation...the little being that a year ago was still inside me he learned new things about himself and his abilities. This is such a fun age, watching him discover new things each day. He is into something all the time, but his brothers are quick to jump in and help me redirect him or move him away from something he doesn't need to get into.

It made me think of how God must enjoy watching us as we grow stronger in our faith and begin trying out our abilities. How he, too, must giggle in pure delight at seeing how we try our our new skills, much like a toddler learning to walk! What a blessing it is to look at my three children and see how they are growing and changing. Though it is bittersweet to know that this is the last 1st birthday I'll celebrate with one of my own children, I am much more content about it than I was when Adam was turning one. Somehow deep down maybe I knew that my little family wasn't complete! Robbie is definitely a reason to say I love surprises...he's the best surprise present I've ever received!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Heart Wednesday: The Pomeranian

I found a new meme this morning and since I'm home today with Robbie (ear infection again...this is number 6 or 7 I think?? Appointment with the ENT in 2 weeks!) I thought I'd try it out!

Welcome to the 15th edition of We ♥ Wednesday: The meme celebrating pictures of the things you love, each week! There is one, and only one, rule: you must get your images from! That's the whole point and inspiration behind this meme! Join in, fall in love, and link up your post!

This pic reminds me of a dog we had when I was little. It was actually my foster brother's dog, but when he moved out the dog stayed. His name was Tiny. We called him a cat trapped in a dog's body cause he was so prissy! But he was a definite member of the family. He went on camping trips with us, and when we went out in the boat to fish, we would often have a bucket of live crickets with which to catch fish. If you've never seen a cricket bucket, here is a pic:

It is made with that hole in the top cause crickets can't jump straight up! Anyway, Tiny would knock over the bucket in the boat so he could chase the crickets!

He was a loyal member of our family for about ten years, and was an endless source of affection and pleasure!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday: UN-familied

Jenny Matlock

I'm not even sure that my word for U is actually a word, but guess what? I just coined it! LOL

What exactly is Un-familied?? It is surviving out of town without my family from Sunday-Thursday. Well, at least til Wednesday night...surely I'll make it til Thursday since I've made it this far, right?!

I'm out of town for a study related to work. I am even more honored now than I was before I got here to have been approved to serve on this committee of 16 , for it was a pretty elite group of Reading Specialists...I was the one with the shortest tenure in the field, so I provided a bit of a different take on things. It has been interesting and informative, and I am going back home with some new ideas and perspectives!

I have honestly learned several things about myself on this trip while I am UNfamilied. Wanna hear 'em?!

1. I can survive in a room by myself overnight.
I honestly worried about this one, being as that I haven't done this in over 12 years. I've either had my husband or my kids, or both, in the house with me every night, save for a few. The last time I was in a room overnight alone was when Robbie was still hospitalized after his birth and I stayed there in the hospital but didn't get to see him all night. That was NOT a good experience! However, I was very recently post-partum and was dealing with many hormones at that point. I did have a few seconds a few times of feeling that same type of anxiety come over me, but I was able to successfully squelch them, and get through it.

2. I'm not ready to wean Robbie. My body is most definitely used to feeding him, and I miss him! I pray that he hasn't decided it isn't worth it once I get home to him! Some will say I'm crazy, that I've done this for 11 months and that it would be a good time to stop...but you know what? I don't care. I'm not looking forward to opinions I'm sure I'll get about extended nursing, but it still is MY body and MINE and Robbie's decision. I actually made a pact with well as you can make a pact with an 11-month-old...that if he'd not wean while I was gone, I'd nurse him for another year if he wanted. I plan on sticking to that.

3. I am ready, however, to give up pumping! I don't love it, but I have promised myself I'll do that for another month! Then he can drink whole milk at daycare and I won't have to purchase more formula! Pumping is for the birds. I'm proud of myself for sticking to it all this time, but THAT is something I won't miss!

4. I can get around a big city better than I thought I could. I always made Chris drive when we were in Richmond before. I'd still let him do it if I had a choice, but I have nothing to fear about it anymore. I can do it. I even got myself to the mall earlier, found a shorter way from the hotel to the restaurants, and am planning on taking a different route out of town than I came in...cause Google maps did NOT have the best route for me!

5. I'm still decent company for myself. I can survive without other people to talk to at meals, etc. That's a good thing to know for a wife and mommy, I believe!

6. But I do miss my family terribly and cannot WAIT to see them tomorrow!! I'm gonna smother them all with lots of kisses and lots of hugs, and snuggle the fool out of them over the next few days! They are such a pleasure and part of me that I LOVE! I can survive without them for a few days, but life is much more fun with them!!!

So happy Thursday ya'll!! Think of me as I'm driving down the interstate to my family!!