Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm here, I'm here!!

I'm just sooo super busy! October has turned out to be as busy as December and May! I haven't forgotten about you, those of you who keep up with my blog. I promise I'll be back!

I will let you know that I'm feeling so much better thanks to the Lexapro. We have had some upsetting circumstances over the past month, including the death of my brother-in-law's sister, who was very much a part of my family, too. Without this medication I think I would have crawled in a hole by now! But God knew when to urge me to see the doctor, and I'm so glad I did!

We've had sickness left and right around here, too..not major illnesses, but still, they wear on ya! AND we ran straight from football to basketball seasons with Isaac, so that has been hectic....added to 2 'short' cycles in Tae Kwon Do makes for lots of running! Very thankful for an easygoing baby with the running we're doing!

So just a note to say I'm here, I'm doing well, and I'll be back! :)

Happy fall, ya'll!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

C is for Christi

I've missed out on A and B posts, mainly because I've been incredibly busy and overwhelmed with life in general. Thankfully I came to realize last week that I have been suffering from post-partum depression, and have started making steps to come back from this. I wish I could say that this was a new experience, but I've suffered with all three boys, and actually fight depression and anxiety ALL the time. I know that it isn't fatal, and that I can improve once again, but it is soo stinkin' tiring!

SO! All that to say that this week I am going to make my "C" post about ME--about the ME I am and was before I was wife and mommy. I had the pleasure of attending my 15 year reunion at my alma mater Emory & Henry College this past weekend. It was good to see friends that I hadn't seen for years, and to remember that yes, I do have an identity that isn't attached to the words mom, wife, or teacher. I love all three of those parts of my identity, but they aren't ALL of who I am! I am ME all by myself too!!

So without further ado, here are some pics of CHRISTI pre-marriage and kids!

My lifelong friend Carla and me, sporting lovely 70s fall attire

Carla and me again, this time at a wedding

Me and...guess who?...Carla! This time showing what smarties we were at such a young age!

The day my oldest sister moved in at EHC as a freshman. Interesting to note that all 4 ladies graduated from the institution and now all 4 teach in the same school system! This is our friend Lesa, my sister Brenda, me, and my sister Suzy.

Last day of 7th grade with my 3 BFFs! Can you say awkward stage?!

Singing for our Senior class night! We were rockin' the big hair...the 'haters' didn't refer to girls from our school as hairspray 'hos for nothing! LOL

Bid turn in the day I pledged k Phi with these lovely ladies! Note that one of them was also in the 7th grade pic!

Another college shot with the sisters of K Phi A

When I was looking for pics to include in this, I realized I have so many more that surround my children and my nieces and nephews. When I get down and frustrated, I need to remember that I am important in their lives, as well in the lives of the rest of my family and in that of my students. God is so good to me, and I really do love my life...I don't mean to sound as though I don't! I just think it is also important to remember that I have an identity all my own that is not dependent on others. Thanks for indulging me today, ya'll! Have a great weekend!