Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boy Mom Blog Hop!

I'm definitely qualified to participate in this! :) The Mob Society is sponsoring a Mom of Boys Blog Hop today where we can all share about our boys and our blogs! How cool is that?!

So where to start? First, to introduce my handsome boys!!

Here's a picture of my oldest son, Isaac, and my youngest son, Robbie. Isaac is 10 and is SO super helpful with his baby brother! He is super responsible and I'm probably guilty of expecting a lot from him for his age! He went to 4H camp last week and that was the longest I've gone without being with him or talking to him in his LIFE....boy, did I miss him, and not just cause he helps out so much! :) I was honestly elated when we went to get him. I felt like one of my appendages had been missing all week and my heart was re-filled when he was back with us! AND...he got camper of the week for his cabin! Very proud mama here....

Here is my middle son, Adam, who is 7. He was very much the baby until Robbie came along, and has had to adjust to not being the youngest. He is SO smart, and I'm not just saying that....he really is. He was reading at 4, and we didn't teach him...he picked it up on his own! He has a gift! He also is very good with his baby brother! He went to day camp where the older boys and their daddy take TaeKwonDo last week (cause we knew he'd be missing big brother so much) and they went to an activity where kids were trying to catch mini-beach balls. He said he was determined to catch one for his baby brother! He said it was hard to do with so many big kids there, but he just kept trying til he did! <3

And here is the best surprise I've ever gotten, Robbie! He will be 16 months old tomorrow! Time is flying with this lil firecracker around! He is full of life and LOVES his family! He is walking like a champ now and is so fun to be around....most of the time! LOL Now if I could get him to sleep all night without mama that would be ideal! I'm proud to say that he is still nursing, and though we've recently had a rough time with thrush and have dealt with both my primary care physician AND my gyno encouraging me to wean, I have stuck to my guns and decided that he and I will make that decision with the Lord's help! He's a joy to have and really is an easy child.

Well now that I've shared all about my pride and joy, about me?? I am a reading specialist by trade, and teach at two rural elementary schools helping students who are struggling with reading. I am active in our local church where I help with children's ministries, Vacation Bible School, sing in the choir, and give the children's moment in the 11 am service each week!

As far as my son's favorite're talking to a reading specialist here, so remember it is hard to narrow 'em down! I'll go with what the big boys like the best right now. Isaac has just started reading the Harry Potter series and I've had to make him turn out his light at 11 the last few nights! Both boys love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, as well as the Big Nate series. Robbie just loves to be read to right now, he doesn't care what I'm reading! :)

So there we are! I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog, and will come back soon! Be sure to check out my teacher blog, Reading's The Thing!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oops, I did it again....

get yer mind out of the gutter....LOL

I started yet another blog, this one related to my work! I'd be honored if you'd go check it out! It is called Reading's the Thing! There isn't too much exciting going on there...yet...but I'll try to link up to posts, etc. I find interesting and highlight strategies and products that I think are worth mentioning. There are TONS of great school-related blogs out there and I'm having all kinds of fun looking at them! I might get a chance to look at them quite a bit this week with my oldest son gone to 4H camp for the first time (sniff, sniff...I cried dropping him off, I'll admit it!) and my middle one going to day camp at KHK Martial Arts every day day this week! It is gonna be quiet around here with just me, Chris, and Robbie during the day! Chris and I are thinking about tackling painting the kitchen with less people in the house this week....we are going to look at paint here in a bit when we go out to lunch for our ANNIVERSARY!

Yes, 13 years ago we tied the knot! I can't think of a better spouse for me and daddy for my sons. I'm truly blessed and don't thank the Lord enough for him, but I really DO love him and think he's 'the bee's knees'!

So there is an update....hop on over and check out my blog, especially teacher friends, please?!

Have a great week!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Life with a Toddler

ahh, this part I didn't necessarily miss...

I want down.
I want up.
I want to pull on this large picture frame hanging on the wall above our heads.
I want to pull on this light cord.
I want in my highchair.
I'm hungry.
I'm not hungry.
I want down.
I want to smash these green beans, not eat them.
I want to lay down.
I want to get up.
I want to nurse.
I want to nurse while laying on my stomach facing away from mommy.
I want juice.
No, I don't want juice! I'll throw this cup!
Uh, oh. Someone spilled some juice in here!! It wasn't me!
I want some of your poptart. Yes, I know mommy doesn't want me to have it but I WANT IT!
I don't want this piece of poptart. I'll crush it on mommy's white down comforter instead.
I want to go outside.
I want to walk around.
I don't like grass.
I want up in your arms!
I want in this chair.
This is cool! I am big!
I want down from this chair.
I want down RIGHT NOW! How do I get out of this chair??
I want to go on the porch.
Oooh, I see mommy tried to block me from this messy, dirty portion of the porch. I want to play RIGHT THERE!!
What? We're going in? We just got out here! PUT ME DOWN! What is a wasp anyway?!
I'm not hungry. I don't want to eat.
Ooh, what is that on mommy's plate? A sandwich? That looks good!
OK, I'll take some crackers.
What happens if I dump this bag on the floor?
Ooh, cool! And I can smash this in the carpet, too?
I'm sleepy. Mommy hold me! Don't want to close my eyes. DON'T WANT TO CLOSE MY EYES!
Don't wan....don't wanna.....don't.....
Ahhh, Mama.

Random political rant

If you are a regular reader of my blog (I know there are a couple of you out there....hi! Thank you!) then you know that I don't bring up politics. That is more my husband's cup of tea. I keep up with them to a point, probably more than I would otherwise because it is one of his interests. I am conservative, and I don't make that any secret. I don't associate with any one party because I believe in voting for the best person for the job. I hate that our national politics have gotten to be so partisan, and really wish that the two sides would come together for the greater good instead of only wanting what they want. Even though I may not always agree with the president....ANY PRESIDENT, that is...I still believe he deserves respect as the leader of our country and try not to badmouth him, especially in front of my children.

That being said, I was thoroughly irritated to wake up this morning by reports that President Obama is going to Camp David for the weekend after chastising Congress into not taking the break they had planned for this weekend! How freakin' hypocritical! And not only that, he compared them to schoolchildren in their inability to get things done on time, yet when the Republicans wanted to meet with him face to face to discuss this budget mess, he flat out refused. Boy, that is really wanting to work this out, isn't it? More like you need to hurry up and do it MY way, isn't it?

I'm not letting the Republicans off the hook, though. I think this is a time we NEED to get rid of some tax breaks that big corporations are getting. Our economy is in the tank, and these companies continue to make money. I sure as heck can't say that for myself!! I won't go into specifics, but I will remind you that we have another mouth to feed in this family...and we haven't gotten a raise since before he was born. It is time to think about the little people instead of the big corporations in this!!

Again, I rarely do this on my blog, but I really felt the need to express myself politically today. Please remember that and be kind if you do choose to comment either here or on Facebook. I usually keep my political opinions to myself and not put my thoughts 'out there'. Those of you that know me well know how I feel about such things as religion, politics, and sports teams, but I don't take well to public internet criticism....hey, I'll just admit it, it hurts my feelings!...and I try not to criticize others about their takes on things. So if you disagree with me, go ahead and comment, I'll try to be a big girl, but do remember the Golden Rule and treat me as you would like to be treated, mmmmmmkay?!

Have a great Independence Day and weekend, ya'll!!