Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a beautiful Christmas!

It has been wonderful! We started off on Christmas Eve with the celebration with Chris' family. We were all spoiled and filled up with good food, then came home and got ready for Santa. We usually go to our church's 11 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, but for reasons I won't go into here, decided not to this year. Instead, we read the Christmas story to the boys and sang some hymns....and Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, for Adam! Santa came, and we were all up at at 'em around 7:30 Christmas morning!

Santa was very good to the boys, and Isaac got the game he had wanted more than anything, so he was thrilled. Adam was pleased with all his toys and spent the day going from one to another! We went and had brunch at Waffle House, which was delicious and fattening, as always! We came back home for a relaxing afternoon, which included me taking a nap beneath my new down comforter that Chris got me for Christmas! Then it was time to gather with my family at my sister's house. We got to meet my niece's new beau who is REALLY nice! Again, we were spoiled by lovely gifts and delicious food, and enjoyed sitting around and visiting.

Today we head to celebrate with Chris' extended family on his mother's side. His mom has 4 sisters and each sister had at least 2 children, each of whom have families of their own now, so this is a BIG crowd! This is the one time a year we all get together, so it will be nice to get to see everyone!

I'm more tired than usual, but I guess that is to be expected! I'm already experiencing a lack of room for food, so that is an adjustment....last night my family was laughing at me because I wouldn't let them throw out my plate til I had digested some food and had room for the rest of it! LOL I was NOT going to let those yummy potatoes and bread my sister fixed go to waste!

All in all, it has been a very relaxing holiday. I need to get myself in gear and finish up some school work next week, but I've decided to give myself through tomorrow to relax and just enjoy being. God has blessed us so much that it is truly overwhelming. We're all given much more than we deserve! I pray that each of you who might read this have also been blessed til your cup runs over, and that you take the time during the hustle and bustle to thank the One Whom has given you more than you can fathom!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

yep, we're covered in snow, and loving it! It started late yesterday afternoon, and we have about 6 inches here at the house. This is the most snow my children have ever seen! We went out like crazy people last night, to get a battery for the van and to go to a Christmas dinner with our TaeKwonDo school. Our power has flickered off a few times, but we've never lost it for more than a minute, thank Heavens! (I have a serious phobia of power outages....another story for another day!)

I've been neglectful sorry. I really don't mean to be! I had a while there that I was concerned because my heart rate is running higher than 'normal'. I wore a 24 hour monitor and the report came back as basically normal. I still wish it wouldn't run quite so high, but hey--such is life, right?

My ankle is feeling better, so that is certainly welcome news!

Adam has walking pneumonia. He complained of a sore throat for 2 days but ran no fever, and was coughing some at night. This child does NOT complain, so I took him to the doctor on Thursday afternoon. He's taking some yucky antibiotics, but otherwise seems no worse for the wear.

Well, I'm sure I could write more, but I think we're gonna finally decorate the tree now!