Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snackie Sunday

The rules are simple…you copy and paste the following words into the comment box. Then you answer each word that I have typed below with the FIRST word that comes into your mind.

1. bush-Cheney
2. home-work
3. smelly-socks
4. money-change
5. poker-chips
6. lip-lipstick
7. feel-touch
8. very-merry
9. be-do
10. dork-me
11. sexy-lingerie
12. love-Isaac and Adam
13. my-sons
14. soft-cotton
15. hard-table
16. sock-shoe
17. lick-sucker
18. heart-valentine
19. hand-clap
20. drama-certain people who always have to have some!
21. temporary-tattoo!
22. barn-hay
23. song-all I can think of is "Baby Got Back" cause Chris is irritating the boys by singing it in the other room!
24. gamma-phi
25. blue-one of my favorite colors
26. Hilly-reminds me of hillbilly

If ya wanna join in, here is the site to see!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday #3!

I just this second decided what my flashback would be! I'm not sure why it popped in my head, but I'll go with it! I'm choosing Centerfold by the J. Geils Band for today! I go back in memory to third grade when MTV was brand spankin' new. I think this is one of the first videos I remember seeing! We didn't have cable at the time, but I remember watching MTV for hours at my friend Julie's house while we drank Pepsi Free! (now who remembers that?!)

I THINK my memory serves me right on this next part. My third grade teacher would let us bring records to listen to while we worked on Fridays. If I remember correctly, my friend Robin's husband Billy brought "Centerfold" for us to listen to, but Mrs. Bacon wouldn't play it. Of course, we had not clue what a centerfold was, we just liked the song!

I also remember that the spring after the song came out, a church youth choir came to our church while on tour. They stayed with various church members that night. I remember Julie telling me about how one of the boys who stayed at her house played the drums. While he was watching "Centerfold" on MTV, he was pantomiming playing his drums, up until the part in the video that the drums splash up with liquid! He then looked up and said, "My drums don't do that!"

So without further ado, I give you Centerfold!

Are you ready to share your flashback?! Don't forget to link here so we can come learn about your memories!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Flashback Friday will be up this afternoon!

Bus duty has me and my schedule all wonky. I'll have it up this afternoon!! Cause I KNOW that 500 internets are out there just waiting with baited breath for it! LOL

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little sad here...

Tonight was preschool open house. Adam is attending 3 mornings a week. Since it is at our church, where he also attends daycare, he just has to go next door, and then go back after preschool is over. It is a true blessing to have him there, as I had all sorts of troubles trying to get Isaac back and forth from the babysitter to preschool!

It hit me today that this will be my last preschool open house. This is my last year of preschool...the last parties, the last Preschool Sundays, the last graduation. And not only is it the last for me, it is the last for my entire mom helped found the preschool, and all of my sisters' kids (and a stepdaughter!) attended there as well. So this is the last of 10 children associated with the Copeland family to go through preschool there.

I know that it is just the beginning of many things, but I'm just a tad nostalgic and sad thinking about my baby growing up. I'm excited about it too, but just a little sad.

Mamas are allowed that, right??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--Look at that kick!

Ked broke the school record with a 46 foot kick on Friday night! I was (and still am) one proud auntie!!

Edited to add: I didn't give proper credit to the photographer.....Vikki Roberts from!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You Didn't Like About School

I'm not feeling too creative today, so I thought I'd do a meme.

1. I didn't like having to move in Kindergarten.
2. I didn't like having to move between eighth and ninth grade.
3. I didn't like going to Kindergarten in the basement of our church. Or rather, I didn't like not being able to hang out in my dad's office! LOL
4. I didn't like homework. Ever.
5. I didn't like when my high school merged with another to make a new school. I liked the smaller school before we consolidated.
6. I certainly didn't like the English teacher in eighth grade who tried to talk me out of attempting to take Honor's English in 9th grade. Now who has a degree in Interdisciplinary English and am starting a Master's as a Reading Specialist?! BOOOOOYA!!
7. After I smashed my toe in the steel door on the way to the cafeteria in the basement at Cedar Grove, I didn't like the cafeteria anymore.
8. Nor did I like the note that my teacher sent home that evening, cause I thought it was pretty insensitive of her to say,"You'll have to be more careful." Yeah, sure, cause as a 48 pound 9 year old vs. steel door, I'm sure being more careful would have prevented THAT accident!
9. I was always one of several 'Christi's in my grade, and often my class. So I was always Christy C., not just Christy.
10. This was hard, cause I really did like school....or else I wouldn't be teaching now! So I think I'll say I don't like things that have to be done in 10s! LOL

If you want to join in on the Ten on Tuesday fun, check it out here!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I feel the love!

My sweet new bloggy friend Maricris over at Zen Ventures shared not one but TWO blog awards with me! I am very touched and honored!!

The first award has the following rules: 1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog. 2. Link the person you received your award from. 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put links of those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

So here are the 7 that I to whom I have chosen to pass on this award:

Robin at The Dixon Chicks....


Jamie at Final Score: 3 boys, 1 girl

Heather at Outnumbered by the Brood

Judy at Where Run Day Runs into Another

Amy at Georumination

and Robyn at Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy

Each of these women are my friends, either in real life or through message boards or blogging. I may not know them all in person, but each of them have been supportive of me and lifted me up in ways they might not even know. So for this, I say thank you, and I love you!

I think I'll save the other award for a few days!

I didn't have to work today, as I attended a school-wide discipline information session with the rest of our discipline committee from school. We had a nice time getting to bounce ideas off each other. I had to stop back by school to get Isaac, and it looks like my sub kept my kids busy, which is FANTASTIC, cause then they didn't have time to get too wild! Apparently it rained just enough to keep 'em out of recess, though, so that wasn't so good. I'm hoping that they settle in better soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guess what is great about today?!

I took my last dose of steroids today!!!!

Can you tell I'm excited??!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flashback Contest Winner!

Here we go!

List Randomizer

There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. 2. Pamela Kramer
2. 1. Judy!!!

Timestamp: 2008-08-23 15:30:37 UTC

So Pamela is our winner, but Judy, please send me your address as well....I want to send you a little something as well for participating! Thank you so much gals!! I'll always remember you two as my first meme'ers!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Friday! What is your flashback??

I'm still flashing back to middle school....I guess that was about the time I 'discovered' music and dancing. This week I'm remembering You're a Friend of Mine by Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne. I remember hearing this song for the first time at the Valentine's Day dance when I was in 7th grade. The dance had originally been scheduled for the actual Valentine's Day, and I wasn't going to be able to attend since my sister's wedding rehearsal and dinner was that night. But 13 inches of snow cancelled school and the dance that night, so it was rescheduled for the following week!

I don't remember the boys I danced with that night, but I remember this song coming on and dancing with one of my dearest friends, Amy. We danced and sang, and felt like the song was meant just for us. Even today, 22 years later, Amy is a very special and dear friend to me! And hearing this song warms my heart and reminds me that
Years may come and go
Here's one thing I know
All my life
You're a friend of mine

Amy, this one's for you, my forever friend, and friend forever!!

What are YOU remembering today? Do share!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--Soccer starts!

The boys' first games are Saturday! I'm officially a soccer mom to TWO now! Adam gets to play this year since he will turn 5 during the season. We'll definitely try to get some good action pics this weekend!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's official! I R a Master's Student!

I got the official letter today! Everyone may commence doing the happy dance!! I'll wait right here while you dance.

OK, that was great! School is going well. I tell ya, every year I vow to not forget how hard it is at the beginning, and somehow every year I do anyway. I feel like a shepherd herding sheep sometimes, and other times like a cat chasing its own tail. I did actually accomplish something today, though, so I'm getting somewhere! I had planned on staying after school to try to sort through the mess on my desk this afternoon, but that didn't work out as planned. So maybe I can do that tomorrow!

One big change is that we've moved from a 1:40 planning time to a 10:35 planning time. My head has not adjusted around that! I'm sure I'll adjust over time.

My right eye has taken to twitching yesterday and this afternoon. Hoping that is going to pass soon, too!

**If you haven't already, it isn't too late to get a Flashback Friday post up and link it to enter my contest! Scroll down to check it out!!**

Monday, August 18, 2008

Country Bob's Sauce Review

My husband is the cook around here. I can heat up and bake things that are frozen, but he's the one who can make up a recipe and whip something up in a heartbeat. So I asked him to help out on this review! He was very happy to oblige!

Here is what he has to say about Country Bob's Sauce:

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is a sauce made by Country Bob Inc. of Centralia, IL. It is a brown tomato based sauce similar to brown steak sauces such as A1 steak sauce. Country Bob’s is available in most major grocery retail chains as well as online at

Country Bob’s, like most similar products, is packaged in a brown bottle. The bottle is plastic but designed to mimic brown glass. The company logo is embossed in the plastic. The bottle has a traditional pour top. The label is on a white background and features the logo and product name as well as suggesting foods to try the sauce with. A short “Country Bob’s Story” is located on the back.

Country Bob’s is a brown sauce, fairly opaque, which is very uniform in consistency. Small bits of spices can be seen when the sauce is spread thin. The sauce is viscous enough to adhere to foods, yet thin enough to pour easily.

Country Bob’s is a great deal sweeter than many other “steak sauces”. Underlying the sweetness is a vinegar taste and a hint of pepper. The sauce has a slight peppery aftertaste but is not hot or spicy. I tried the sauce with grilled pork chop, grilled hamburger, and grilled chicken. Country Bob’s goes excellent with grilled meat. Its sweet peppery flavor compliments the smoky flavor of grilled meat perfectly. As you might expect, Country Bob’s went great with the hamburger. It also was very good with pork. I was less impressed with it with chicken, as its flavor was a little heavy for chicken breast. The bottle suggests barbeque and, given Country Bob’s combination of flavors, it could compliment barbeque well. Overall, Country Bob’s is an excellent alternative to steak sauces produced by big companies. It has a unique flavor that is easy to love. Its sweetness makes it more versatile than comparative sauces. Whether you are grilling steaks or just fixing burgers, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is a wonderful addition to your shopping cart and will certainly please at the dinner table.

For more information on Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce go to

Thanks for this opportunity to review your product, Country Bob's!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Award! Someone loves me!

My friend Robin at Dixon Chicks Plus Bill... awarded this to me!
It's the Arte Y Pico award. This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity, and for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.
The rules state:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners have to post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the Arte Y Pico blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.
You have to name 5 little known facts about yourself for the meme part of this award.

So for the 5 people I want to bestow this award upon:
1. Kristen at The Frugal Girl. Kristen has been an online friend for years, and has taken the food blog world by storm! I'm inspired by her in more ways than I can list!
2. Mary at The Incorrigible Night Owl. Again, Mary's been an online friend for years, and has been a blogger for quite some time too! It would be safe to say that she introduced me to blogging! And it also has to be noted that she has actually BEEN to Scott County, VA (and lived to tell about it!)
3. Melissa at Mel's World. I love reading Mel's posts, especially her Speak to Me Sundays!
4. Lisa at The Preacher's Wife. Lisa and I have discovered that we went to high school together! What a small world the internet has made!
5.Misty at Rainy Day in May. Misty is awesome!! She is very honest and funny!

Now, on to the 5 little known facts about myself. I'm one to tell everything, so there isn't much left to know!

1. I bite my fingernails. I try to stop, and do okay every once in a while, but honestly, that's my one vice and it could be much worse, ya know?
2. When on a tour in New York City, I saw Tom Brokaw walking down the hall at the NBC Studios. He acknowledged me with a nod.
3. I'm a freebie fiend!! I've found all sorts of good stuff out there for free!
4. My 7 year old's feet are as big as mine now. So I may just start borrowing his shoes.
5. We went and saw Clone Wars yesterday! It was pretty good!

OK, now for others to play along and pass on the award!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sleep is my friend

And I'm feeling much better after getting some. Sleep that is! The only thing I want to say about the aforementioned situation is that this is something I've watched for 3 plus years thinking, "Surely not. It is gonna be found out. Surely they'll see." And 'they' haven't. But it is not my worry. I have done what I can, and she's far away from me now. God has watched over me and kept me from harm with this so far, and I know He will continue to do so. THANK YOU for your support and understanding.

NOW! To today! I don't really want to be awake at 5:57, but that is okay, there are worse things. We are taking the boys to see Clone Wars today! They are thrilled! Chris has read the reviews and thinks it isn't gonna be any good, but heck, I probably won't know if it is good or not! I'll be happy if I follow the story line and don't have to ask my 4 year old what is going on!

I need to work on laundry big time, and otherwise I am going to enjoy the heck out of being home and spending time with my boys.

Oh! I got an email from one of the professors in the Reading Specialist cohort, and I'm in!! Doing the happy dance with with some scared thrown in! We start on September 2nd, and hopefully will be in class each Tuesday. (Last year it was Wed., which wouldn't work as well for me, but if so, I'll definitely deal!) Robin, it was an email from 'ol Herb himself!

The professor who is teaching this semester's course is one I had many classes under in undergrad, so I feel a little better knowing how he works, somewhat. It will be lots of work, though!

Don't forget about Flashback Friday (scroll down to see it)! There's a contest in it for ya this week, too!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad.

And I can't even go into detail, because sure as if I did, someone would find this and I'd either lose my job, get in a big ol girl fight, or would put my husband's job in danger. Let's just say that some idiots have decided that another idiot (and I don't use these terms lightly, folks, I'm really questioning their sanity and thought processes here!) deserved a job. Even though she's done some stupid and dangerous things. And I'm furious. I'm furious that she got her way. I'm furious that no one took the time to ask those of us who KNOW what went on for the truth. I furious that she gets to call herself a member of my profession. I'm furious for the people that she hurt.

I'm so mad that I asked for a drink. And I don't do that. Not that I don't ever drink, but I don't ask for one. Ever. I'm sitting on my front porch crying cause I'm so mad. And I can't even tell you why.

I am a people person. And unless you really give me a reason not to, I trust you. I am nice to this person, but I don't trust her. I am pretty sure she knows it, too. I'm not one to be able to hide my feelings so well.

I'm having a hard time being Christian about this. And I'm so mad right now that I don't really care. So if you wanna pray that I can turn this over and get on with enjoying my weekend, then I probably need it. While you're at it, pray for the people who are gonna be in her path, cause I fear they may need it worse than me.

Introducing Flashback Friday!

If you're like me, songs can take you back to the past in a heartbeat. Do you ever remember certain times with a smile (or grimace) when you hear THAT song? Here is your chance to share the song and the story with your readers!

My friend Amy over at Georumination created the awesome graphic for this meme. Thank you so much Amy! You contained EXACTLY the 'flavor' this needed. Stop by and give Amy a visit and tell her Christi sent ya!

I've even used the coding prowess that my friends over at MomDot shared with us to make this a button!

For this week's Flashback Friday, I am remembering the summer when I was 14 with Head to Toe by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. I was getting ready to move from Big Stone Gap, Virginia to Rossville, Georgia. I was NOT happy about it! I had lots of friends and was getting ready to start high school, and was moving from a small town in the mountains to a small town bordering a big city, and was nervous about it. My friend Derek threw a going away pool party for me and a mutual friend who was moving to Florida about the same time. I remember this song coming on the radio, and jumping out of the pool with Missy and Amanda to dance. A routine that we knew from our recent recital fit perfectly to the song, and I can still remember the feeling of the pool deck under my feet as we danced. We were sopping wet, and the sky was so blue. As I looked around, I could see the side of Powell Mountain reaching up beside Derek's house. And anytime I hear that song, I'm 14 again (and skinny!), and surrounded by people I love.

Here is the video of the song in case it pre-dates you! Take note of the BIG hair, cause we all wanted ours just like hers!

So what about you? What song takes you back? Write us up a post and link it here. I will even have a contest to encourage you to join in on the fun...I have some goodies to share, including a Disney Vacation Club DVD and a Precious Moments figurine! C'mon, confess....don't you wish you could go back for just the length of a song?? I'll leave this open for a week and draw a winner on Saturday, August 23.

Can't wait to see what you all remember!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I. am. so. tired.

I just now got finished getting things ready for tomorrow, and truly could have done more, but I have to quit sometime. I don't know what I'd do if we had to go more than one day this week. Just lay down and let 'em crawl all over me for the day, I guess! LOL That or add to my reputation as being 'hard nosed' (yeah, that was supposed to hurt my feelings. I ain't there to be their best friend, I'm there to teach 'em to read and do math!).

The boys and I went to the Big Blue Bash tonight. It is a 'meet the players' type thing where you pay for dinner and such. I can't believe that my first group of first graders are seniors this year. How time has flown! I don't feel like it has been that long. Before I know it, some of them will have kids and I'll be teaching my students' children! Oh, forbid the thought...I'm not ready to be THAT level of adult!

Off to get two books ready to mail via PaperBackSwap, and then this monkey is hittin' the hay!

Hate to be awake now, but...

thought I'd at least write something since I am! Sleep deprivation due to steroids is not doing much for my foggy brain during the day. However, I'm keeping my coworkers entertained, so that counts for something! I've still got lots to do to be ready for students on Monday, but it is doable. Now if I can actually stop talking to people and DO it tomorrow, I'll be in good shape!

I was extremely thankful and pleased that a specific prayer that I had been praying was answered yesterday! It was concerning scheduling of our day. Our P.E. time was changed and that affected the length of our Language Arts block. We were looking at having it split, and if you have ever worked with 6-7 year olds, this was NOT gonna be the ideal situation. It was going to be hard to get them focused back on reading. But thankfully, an upper grade was concerned about their timing, too. It would behoove both grades for us to switch, and viola! Prayers answered! Poor Chris' ears have gotten tired from me saying how much this change was needed, and God took care of it!

Here's where the sleep deprivation came in: I was so grateful (and punchy!) by the time this was worked out, I danced around the room singing the Doxology! Apparently, my song and dance overshadowed the praise I was trying to give! (Sorry, Lord, but I know you have to understand!)

Honestly, this makes everything else that might be frustrating pale in comparison. If we can have an uninterrupted block of time for Language Arts, the rest will fall into place. It is still not the ideal schedule, but it is definitely workable.

So, wanna know exactly why I'm up at this hour? I actually fell asleep around 10 and was doing well til 12:30, when Adam decided to come get in bed with me. There went the sleep! So stay tuned, I might have other interesting stories on myself again tomorrow!
Check back in tomorrow for sure for the introduction of Flashback Friday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I forgot to tell you!

Lab results came back for the creepy crud that it was an allergic reaction to a medication. The only medication I had changed was that I started to take a generic form of Prilosec in early June! So I'm NEVER going there again!! The dermatologist suggested I start on the lowest dose of Prevacid and see if it helps my hiatal hernia issues, and go from there with my GP.

You wanna know what is really strange though? One of my principal's daughters has had a rash that is strangely similar! On her booty and everything! Strange, huh, for that to happen at the same time??

OK, the sleeping pill I had to take to override the prednizone has kicked in and I gotta go let it do its thing!

Have a great Wednesday, ya'll!

Wordless Wednesday--My Namesakes

This is a pic that someone took on our cruise! This is my niece Maria, whose middle name is the same as my given name, Christine. And of course, there is Adam, whose middle name is my maiden name, Copeland! Maria is going to be a freshman in high school this year! I can't believe it! Adam will be going through his second year of preschool. He will turn 5 in October! My baby is growing up waaaay too quickly!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The One in Which I Go Back to School (and somethin's coming up!)

Today was the day! We had a school-scheduled day today, and tomorrow start the Official county scheduled days. We had a meeting on inclusion and co-teaching, and I got some collaboration things done but not much in my classroom. But that was okay--I thought I was going to be in meetings all day, so I didn't expect to get to my room at all!

I'm tired, but not as anxious about things starting as I was yesterday. Getting there and seeing that we'll work out the kinks and that we're in this together helps out tremendously! I am so blessed to work with people I genuinely care for and get along with. They are all Christian women, and people I'd love to call my friends even if I didn't work with them. I thank the Lord for that!!

You'll definitely need to come back this week, especially on Friday! I've got a couple of super-de-duper surprises coming up! So stay tuned!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Itch and rash update!

Had a friend stop by and ask about the itch status, so I thought I'd update! Thanks be to God, I am much, much, much, much less itchy! I am functioning as a human again! The rash is pretty much gone and if I take antihistamines regularly it helps keep the itch at bay. Yesterday was a very long day with my father-in-law's birthday party,and by last night I was itching quite a bit. I'm going to have to be vigilant about keeping on top of it this week, I believe. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement during this very trying time...I really felt the prayers and don't know WHAT I would have done without them.

One good thing I have gained from this was more time spent in devotion and Bible study. Having this in hand right now, and the desire to continue, can make the start of the school year go much more smoothly (as far as my stress and level and internal Peace goes)! I'm very thankful for this, and covet your prayers that I keep Him in the forefront of my mind at all times. It is easy to get frustrated and discouraged at times with things at school not always going the way I know how it goes, same at any job! The clock is running toward the D-DAY: 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL! Time to be spent in my classroom will be at a premium when I'm tempted to talk to friends, etc. I need to try my best to stay focused and get the work done! Keep me accountable, people!

Steroids are NOT the funnest chemicals I've ever had to put in my body. They make me feel like everything is going fast forward internally, and I'm struggling getting thoughts out (without being interrupted, that is, so it isn't ALL the steroids' fault). My typing stinks like rotten eggs, and I am having to correct about every 2nd word. But this will pass eventually. I don't want to complain. Just letting you know that I'm not likely to become a body builder anytime soon, cause I hate how they are making me feel!

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I've been tagged--UNspectacular things about me! (*updated*)

My sweet friend Jamie over at Final score: 3 boys, 1 girl tagged me with this fun get to know about ya! I'm always game for a game!

As with everything in life there are rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

The 6 UN-spectacular things about me...

1. Like Jamie before me, I have a fear of the dentist, but unlike her, I DO know why! It all began with being under laughing gas for the extraction of my wisdom teeth, and not realizing I was about to get sick ON him. It was not a pretty sight, to say the least!
2. I'm getting ready to go back to school. I'm really nervous about it, but I am passionate about the subject: teaching students to read.
3. I'm a big talker. I don't usually meet strangers, just friends I haven't seen in person yet!
4. I just can't drink diet Coke. I will drink Sprite Zero, Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew, but diet Coke just tastes rank to me!
5. I grew my hair out from very short to shoulder length a few years ago because I wanted to have my hair longer one more time before I was too old to wear it long!
6. I love the color orange, and not only because it is the color of my favorite college sports team, the University of Tennessee Volunteers!

So there you have it....some pretty mundane things you never really needed to know about me....but aren't you so glad that you've gotten the chance?!

TAG! You're It!
1. Robin at The Dixon Chicks plus Bill...
2. Rachel at Antithete
3. Judy at Where One Day Runs Into Another...
4. My new SISTSA at Outnumbered 2 to 1
5. Erin at School teacher by day, Superhero by night
6. and last but not least, because she's really been on my heart the past few days,
Tara at Tara's View of the World!

Thanks ya'll! Hope you are having a good weekend! The birthday party was a success, and I even got some BBQ leftovers for later after I thought I wouldn't at first (turns out mother-in-law was kidding about freezing it, and no one got that it was a joke!) Yeah, I was kinda pouting about not having leftovers since I barely remember what I ate cause I gobbled it down so quickly!

OK. Gotta find a children's sermon and get to bed at a decent time so as not to mess with the Insomnia Gnomes!

Edited to add: My friend Amy at Georumination also tagged me for this, and I wanted to make sure she gets some linky love, too! Thanks, Amy!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Do YOU have ugly jewelry?

I got me some ugly jewelry. Mind you, I teach first grade. And students LOVE to give me stuff. I proudly wear their stuff, including what I think was a home arrest type bracelet thingy that a student brought to me once cause she knew my favorite color is orange. I didn't keep that one--I was afraid of where it had been.

This bracelet was given to me one Christmas by one of my Firsties. It was probably kind of cute when it was new, but now it is tarnished. And I never have been one for Santas around my wrist. I'm a bracelet girl, but this one didn't do it for me.

So, there ya go. Ugly jewelry.

Now...ya wanna know why I'm sharing this ugly jewelry with you? Well, my new buddies over at are having their grand opening this month, and are having all sorts of fun little contests. I've really enjoyed getting to know the ladies there, and being in on the 'ground floor' of a neat site such as theirs. AND I'm in a terribly good mood since I am on the way to Freedom from the Rash, and I got a good amount of work done today at school. So all those together equal me putting my non-made up mug on here for all the world to see, in order for you to see this vision of loveliness that is/was this bracelet.

Now, no talkin' about how rough I look. I've had The Rash, remember? It is not nice to people who have been itching for 3 weeks solid!

Just sayin'.


This promises to be an eventful day/weekend/etc! Here is what is going on:

First, you must know that I had caffeine too late last night and couldn't get to sleep even with the antihistamine that the lovely Dermatologist, who is my new best friend, prescribed. Then Isaac got up twice because the cat was on his bed and a nightmare about burglars. It was at least 2 before I got to sleep well. Adam was up before 6:30 messing with the TV/DirectTV, so that woke me up well before I wanted to be. Loveliness!!

Now, of course, I am still a very happy camper concerning the disappearance of the rash. It is continuing nicely! The itching is subsiding too! I never thought I'd be so thankful for my skin and it not itching, but I AM! Praise the Lord!

I am going to attempt to go work in my classroom today. Attempt is the key word here. For some reason, waxing the halls in the building was left until this week to complete. I don't understand the logic here, and I'm not sure there is one, so I suggest you not tax your brain pondering it. The initial email we got about this said that they would be finished yesterday, but teachers said that they have been met with many grumbles from the custodial and secretarial staff concerning us getting in the building today. Now, mind you, they could easily walk down a sidewalk, open one outside door, and I could enter the building and get to my classroom in a maximum of 8 steps in the hall. My hope is that they will take pity on me, given my recently rashy state, and do just this. I am not calling and asking beforehand, because that will not bring forth nearly as much sympathy as seeing me there in person will, esp. when I give the argument that I am kid-free today so I can get some work done. Wish me luck with this! If it doesn't work out, then I have a backup plan, but hopefully it WILL!

Concerning the kid-free status: Adam has wanted to have a 'play date' at my mom and dad's since going there last week while I had to go to the doctor. Isaac has wanted to go hang out at my sister's house with her kids for forever, so I have arranged these activities. At least if I don't get to work as I'd like my kids will be happy, right??

Tomorrow is my father-in-law's birthday party. This has been planned for months. I know when he was born he didn't realize that his birthday would fall on the last free weekend before school started. Just sayin'. If he had realized this, I'm sure he would have postponed it, being the great educator that he is, and I'm not even being sarcastic saying that, it is the truth. He truly is pedigreed, but that is another post for another day. I just wish that this party was not right. now. But it will be okay.

One more thing before my kids revolt on me....I have an awesomely awesome plan for a Friday meme, and a friend has even worked up an awesomely awesome graphic for it! It isn't totally ready yet, but be looking for it, cause it truly is going to be fantastic. Or at least I think it will. And I hope someone out there in internet land thinks so, too!

OK, off to move forward on this day! Hope you can make yours a good one, too!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow!

When I woke up this morning and looked at my rashy bum, and it is noticably clearer! Not rash free, yet, but hey....improvement is improvement! I'm still pretty itchy, but if the rash goes, the itch will go as well, right?? Surely!!

I am SO thankful! I can handle dealing with this for a tad longer if I know it is getting better!!

I'm going to a co-worker's house today for a 'planning by the pool' session. I'm not attempting wearing a bathing suit or going full throttle into the sun quite yet, but for my own sanity (and contract hours) I need to get out of the house and be sociable! If I get really itchy, well, Stephanie has a huge house and I can go find a bathroom and scratch! LOL

OK, off to take an itch-stopping bath for a few and then work on some laundry!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday--Football Boys

My sister and her two oldest sons at our high school football media day! Ked, #10, is a senior and is the team kicker. Logan, #22, is a sophomore and is a receiver who had lots of playing time as a freshman, so we're expecting great things! I'm very proud of 'em! (Sorry, couldn't be wordless!)

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back from the dermatologist!

Still no answers as to what this crazy rash is, though! They weren't sure! So they did a biopsy and blood work and I'm going back in a week. They gave me a script for an oral steroid that I start taking in the morning and for a strong antihistamine to take at night. They think it might be a reaction to a generic Prilosec that I started taking in early June, so I am to stop taking it. I'm just so glad to know that there is something that I can take! Everyone was amazed at how broken out I was, and were very sorry that I was suffering so.

So hopefully this stuff will help me out! Please, please pray that it does!

Coincidental? I don't think so!

I have commented on my other blog that I have had numerous experiences related to the story of Moses lately. I have been doing a Bible study (taking longer than I should!) on Moses at The Preacher's Wife. I've read fictional accounts of Aaron, Miriam, and Zipporah. Right now, I'm reading a fictional story of Rahab, and that is related to Moses' story as well! Then this morning, Adam wants to read out of a little Bible storybook he has, and what does he turn to? The story of Moses! I think that God is speaking to me through this story right now....I'm not sure what the message is supposed to be yet, but I am trying to be open and listen! Oh, and for our Bible lesson today I pulled out the Prince of Egypt storybook, just to add it to the mix!

Ooh, ooh, I thought of another 'coincidence'! Know the blog I mentioned above where I was doing the Bible study? Come to find out that Lisa and I went to high school together! Her sister and I were in the same grade, and I actually had one class with Lisa my sophomore/her senior year! Small world, huh?! Another God thing!

In other news, I have an appointment today with a dermatologist and am praying with all that is in me that they can do something to help me! It (this rash) is really bringing me down. It is still spreading and now itches in multiple places so I can't get much relief from ice packs. So if you read this before 4, please pray that they can find something to help me!

One of the saddest and unbelievable things I've ever read.....

Is here.

It is a story of a little girl who was so neglected that she is deemed 'environmentally autistic'. It will break you heart, but I think you need to read it anyway. It is so maddening that this child was allowed to suffer such indignities as this in order to keep the family together. I don't get that at all! I see kids who are treated so horribly by their families, and nothing is done. But that is another rant for another day!

Read the story, and be prepared with tissues!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Comment Crusade Meme!

My friend Lib at Not Much More than This had this on her blog the other day, and I thought it sounded like fun! Don't you want try with me?

The concept is ridiculously simple all you do is find a blog ANYWHERE and leave a comment then pick someone who has already left a comment and seems interesting; go to their blog and leave a comment. Then repeat the process by finding someone you think is interesting, visit their blog ...

10+ Comments left = Good Work Soldier!
20+ Comments left = Your a trooper!
30+ Comments left = Your a machine!
40+ Comments left = Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a nice rest

Sounds like fun and so I am off on my first Comment Crusade. Wanna join me?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Random Thoughts from the Mind of Christi

First, I had neglected to tell you that I think I have figured ou the name of the strange rash. I believe it is Pityraisis Rosea. Click on those words to find out more about the loveliness that the rash is.

I talked to Chris' aunt who is a nurse at a dermatologist. She gave me some suggestions, but basically, this rash is getting worse. The steroid shot didn't keep it from spreading. It is now all over my belly and legs as well. So I'm calling their office on Monday in hopes that they can get me in and see if there is anything that can be done. This is miserable. Please pray that something can be done!

I am watching Turner and Hootch. I love this movie! I'm DVR-ing it too.

I am currently waiting for word back on whether or not I've been accepted into the Reading Specialist cohort.

I worked for a couple of hours at school on Wednesday. I basically got some things filed, arranged the room the way I want it, and unpacked a little bit.

We joined the masses of shoppers yesterday for tax-free shopping. We got some good deals. We got the boys' school supplies, some work shoes for Chris, and 2 blouses and a dress for me. So everyone came home happy!

OK, I think that is all that is running around in my head currently. I think I didn't eat enough before I took my last Benadryl, cause I'm sleepy! Everyone is quiet and happy for a while though, so I may give in to the sleepiness for a few.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Fill In

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to the Fifties in Suburban America!

2. Give me my computer or give me boredom!

3. I am listening to the TV, and boys playing Hungry Hungry Hippo.

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking I should be exercising.

5. I'll always be a fan of naps!

6. My idea of a good time includes friends and family.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hanging out at home, tomorrow my plans include laundry and Sunday, I want to go to church!

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