Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shew! Glad that's over!

I am officially on summer break! :) I went back to school for the last 7 days and 2 workdays. Mom and Dad kept Robbie while I was at work, and that went well. Work went just fine..I did lots of my homework since most of the time students were on field trips, having parties, field days, graduations, etc. I have two class sessions left and then I'm FINISHED with my Master's! Wooooooo hoooooooo!

Robbie is growing like a little weed! He loves to play on his little Infantino gym, and enjoys swinging in his swing. He also does well being carried around in the sling. He even went on a shopping/errand trip with me yesterday and did wonderfully! Isaac made advanced on all his standardized tests....actually made a perfect score on 3 of 'em, and only missed 1 on the 4th! He is now in the Honor Society at his school! Adam finished up his T-ball season and Kindergarten, and is raring to go for 1st grade! Chris is working at the day camp at our Tae Kwon Do school this summer, so the big boys will be going with him on the days he works. Though I didn't love the idea at first, I think it is gonna work out well.

So there's a little update from us! We're off to Annual Conference tomorrow at Lake Junaluska for a few days. Can't wait!

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Judy said...

Glad you had a great end to the teaching year, and here's to being THATCLOSE to that Master's degree! WHOO HOOOOOO!!!!

Have fun at Lake Junaluska - my parents love that place!