Sunday, July 11, 2010

Better than Ever!

I recently came across a contest sponsored by Twittermoms and Dove gofresh asking this question: How are you better than ever? I took a few days to think about this. Right this minute, the HEAT is not better than ever since our heat pump is out of commission. My weight is not better than ever, but I'm workin' on that. My hair is not better than ever because I see more and more white sneaking in each day. But what IS better than ever?

I started family is better than ever because we have added another precious member, and he is such a delight! My work is better than ever because I'm finally doing my dream job of being a reading specialist, and am FINALLY finished with my degree! I don't know that I'd say our church is better than ever, cause we aren't just rolling in the dough, but we do have a new energetic pastor who is sure to revive our spirits!

Then I got to thinking about this further: yes there are areas in my life that may not be ideal, nor what I would have if I won a million dollars, but for the most is REALLY good! I'm blessed with my health and that of my family, a job I love, a church family that supports me and needs me, a nice house where we are quite comfortable, and enough money to fill our needs. What can I complain about? In the scheme of things, what does a day of warmer air in the house, weighing more than I'd like, or a few white hairs matter? They don't!

So that decides it: my LIFE is better than ever, and I'm so thankful for all of it!

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Be thankful for what is good, ya'll! Life is what you make of it, and this isn't a dress rehearsal!!

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Well, that sounds like a blessed life. I can join in on everything but my kids are grown....all married....all serving the Lord...and are pumping out the grandkids for me so life is grand. Love the post.