Friday, December 17, 2010

Give Back this Christmas season!

You can easily, by starting your foundation with!

Now you're going,"Say what?!"

Yes! You can give money directly to the organizations YOU wish to support! How cool is that?1

And it gets even better!

You can give money to the organizations you wish to support by doing something you may already do on a regular basis, by shopping online!

Something else I really appreciate is that 100% of your donation goes to support the charities you have chosen! There is none taken out for such mysterious things as administrative costs.

Here is a page that tells you all about how it works, including a video you can watch about it!

It is definitely a 'win-win' situation!

You know, we are all so blessed. As I sit here and write this post, I'm sitting in my warm, dry house, fully clothed and warm, well-fed, and am surrounded by all the THINGS I could ever need, most of which have been paid for by me and my family by working at our jobs we were well-educated enough to obtain. I am holding one of my three healthy children, while my husband has taken my other two children to participate in an extra-curricular activity we can afford to take part in. He arrived there in our reliable car.

How many people in the world can say those same things?? So it is the least I can do to spend some of my time and energy to devote this Christmas to give back to those who are not as wealthy and able as I am. That is what Jesus would have me to do!

Won't you do the same?

Visit right now! You'll be glad you did!

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