Friday, May 13, 2011

On this day 30 years ago....

I follow this neat site called Finding Dulcinea, which sends me an email every day about a historic happening of some sort. Today's 'on this day' took me back to elementary school....second grade to be exact!

I remember being in Music Class out back in a trailer add-on classroom when the intercom crackled to life. We listened for a few minutes before hearing the news that the Pope had been shot! Of course, we didn't truly understand the ramifications of this as eight-year-olds, but we knew it was big. Looking back, it was a volatile time....we had lived through the Iran Hostage Crisis and our President Ronald Reagan also had an attempt on his life less than 2 months earlier.

Later on, my Sunday School class members wrote get well cards and letters to the Pope, and to our amazement, we received a letter from him in return! This was such big news in 1981 that we were interviewed on WKPT tv news!!

Just thought I'd share a memory of mine with you!

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misguided mommy said...

not the same but i remember being in computer class when they were announcing the OJ Simpson verdict....the bell was ringing but we all stayed behind to hear the not guilty

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