Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another exciting week!

Shew! I'm ready for some calmness, myself! LOL I went to the OB early Monday morning again, and my blood pressure had been up a bit on Sunday. So when I told him that, he said he wanted me on bedrest except for light work, and that unless it went up higher, I could work this week and then be off work starting next week. Unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned.

My BP started going above the 'danger zone' as he had explained it on Tuesday. I called the phone nurse after arriving at work on Wed., and she advised me to go on home and rest, and I had another appointment to see him on Thursday. So that's what I did. I wasn't emotionally prepared to leave work almost 3 days earlier than I thought I had, so it was a little upsetting. However, the many many prayers that friends and family have been lifting on my behalf have helped keep me strong.

So starting on Wed., I am laying around on my left side as much as humanly possible. I'll admit I got up and went to see Isaac's talent show on Thursday and went out to eat without children while they were at a birthday party on Friday. And today I'm heading to Isaac's birthday party, but I figure all of these put together are less stress than working all day, right? And I am pleading ignorance since I wasn't told STRICT rules! ;)

Dr. P was pleased that my BP is coming way down when I'm laying on my left side. I see him again on Monday. According to the ultrasound, baby Robbie weighs about 6 pounds, and I apparently have lots of amniotic fluid. The one thing that he said that was concerning to me was that because of the high level of fluid, it would be possible for my water to break. Wish he hadn't said that! But if it does, he assured me that he felt Robbie would be born perfectly healthy at this point. That particularly made me nervous knowing that my mom was going to be out of town on Thursday/Friday, but we made it through that time with no emergencies--and didn't bother telling my dad that he'd be the one on call were it to take place while she was gone! :) See, Chris works 30 minutes away, and Dr. P said for me to get to hospital ASAP were that to happen, so I wouldn't be able to wait for him to come get me. I've already told Chris that when they (he and the boys) go to TaeKwonDo this week that he better leave his phone where he can hear it, just in case! I'm praying many prayers that this won't happen, and that my sweet little boy will stay put for a few more weeks for him to be fully developed and healthy!

My sisters, mom, and some church friends are holding a shower for me on March 27. I also am praying that I can make it to that date without having him! We've joked all along that it would be cool for him to be born on April 2nd, my sister's birthday. It would be extra cool because she was born on our Aunt Bessie's birthday, so it would be repeat of that! It's a definite possibility, as is the possibility of him being born on his Daddy's birthday, March 29. Given the fact that on Monday I was already dilated 1.5 cm, I'm thinking we don't have another month plus before he makes his appearance!

So there is the big update for the week! Given that I am supposed to be laying down, I'm not on the full-fledged internet as much as I'd like to be. I'm using my beloved BlackBerry to get on Facebook, Twitter, and check email, so feel free to check on me there! If you're not sure how to find me there....leave me a message with your email and I'll let ya know!

And any prayers you could send up for us, we'd sure appreciate it!!

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Judy said...

Lots of prayers for you all! So exciting - the end is near! HAHA