Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday, September 10--Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post on Suicide Prevention Day. I had a suicide attempt when I was 16, and it landed me in treatment for depression for a month. Though I am extremely thankful that I was not successful in my attempt to take my own life, I AM thankful that I got help when I did. I learned then that I have a chemical imbalance, and also started recognizing my own signs of depression. Fighting this monster is never easy, but the burden has been lessened by learning what I did at such a young age.

If you know someone who you think is a danger to his/her own life, please do all you can to help! Even if they say they don't want you to tell anyone, they do. It is worth it to have them mad at you to save their life. The friends of mine that I have lost to suicide--I'll always wonder if there had been something I could have done. Maybe not, but never knowing for certain is so hard!

If you are contemplating taking your own life....please don't! Talk to someone, anyone who might be able to help. There are places to go and things you can do to lessen the pain. I don't deny that you are miserable; I've been there more than once. But please take a minute to think about all those who would be hurt by you leaving, and then multiply the number by at least 2. You don't know how many people you are affecting, and God did create you for a purpose! If you have no one else to turn to, email me. With God's help, we can get through anything!

Wouldn't it be great if we could eradicate suicide??

Now is the time to start trying!

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Donda said...

You would think that I would know what tomorrow was but I have never heard of this "holiday". Would it be OK to list your blog in my post for tomorrow?