Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Natural disasters

Hi, ya'll! Yeah, yeah....I fell off the planet there for a while again! I'm sorry about that! I guess maybe if I felt like anyone actually noticed that I didn't write, I would be less likely to neglect ye olde blog, but sometimes I feel like no one does. But then I get to thinking: who do I really write this for anyway? And deep down, I know it is for my own personal satisfaction that I write.

So here I am! I found a neat site that has a blog prompt each day, so I thought I'd put that to use today. Today's question was this:
Have you ever experienced an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster?

And yes, I actually have experienced some small floods here in the area. Thankfully our own house has only flooded with minor damage twice: once when I was pregnant with Adam, and one other time when Isaac and Adam were little.

We've had some flooding in the area: a big flood in '77 that actually wiped a small town off the map here in the county, and another similar flood in '02, I believe. Neither were here in town, but the one in '02 got close enough for me! One side of the closest bridge to us over the Holston River was closed, and that made me nervous, especially as the mama of a small child at the time!

So there you go: writer's slump cleared! :)


Judy said...

good to seeeeeeeeeeee you!!!!

Tarrant said...

Great to see you back! (and post prompts rock when you are having trouble getting something down on your blog!)

I know some other good sites for them if you need some variety.