Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's that CRAZY time of the year!!

It is crazy for EVERY mother of school-aged students, but when you add both parents who are teachers to the mix, and it gets downright hairy!!

Chris went back to work for part of the week the first week of the month. We sent Robbie back to daycare that week so he could start to get re-adjusted (as could I) and not have the major change the same week as I was having to go back to work full time. That turned out to be a GREAT idea! By last week, daycare was 'old hat' for him, and he would gladly march on in each day! That made it so much easier on me!!

Last week Chris and I both went back full-time. We had county wide meetings Monday through Wednesday and then went to our schools on Thursday and Friday. My niece kept Isaac and Adam the first part of the week, and then they went to work with us each one day on Thursday and Friday.

Then we ALL went back full force this week! I find it really hard to believe that I am the mommy of a fifth grader! Wasn't I just in fifth grade a few weeks ago?! How time flies when you're having fun! Isaac (as you probably figured) is a big fifth grader now, and Adam is a second grader. Adam is excited about going back to school because he gets to go upstairs this year!!! They each are in the classroom with their best buddy, which makes going back to school lots more fun! They seem to be adjusting well!

And in additional news, Robbie is FINALLY sleeping better! He is sleeping in his own bed the majority of the night, which is a H-U-G-E relief to me. I am still not quite used to it! After 16 months of jumping up and getting him when I hear him for all this time, I did it out of habit last night instead of listening and giving him the chance to calm himself back down. Adding a fan in his room for some white noise seems to have done the trick! I'm really wishing I had done that months ago, but hindsight, like always, is 20/20!! We're still not completely there, but there is definite improvement and I feel tons better already!!!!

So there is an update on what is going on here at our house! I'd love some comment love if you happen by here!! :) C'mon, you know you wanna!!

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