Monday, August 22, 2011

It was a blind date....

I had just broken up with a fella who lived in another state. I wasn't looking for a relationship. I had just started a new job and was all about doing my very best at it! It was the job I had been waiting for, and it was just one town over instead of the hour away I had been traveling for almost 2 years.

You know how they say it comes when you least expect it?

I had been selling Mary Kay on the side, and I had had a party at my friend Laura's house, where she and her Aunt Kim suggested that I go out with their cousin Chris. They had even tried to get me to meet him the month before at a family gathering, but I bowed out at the last minute, because I had moved that day from my cute little apartment to my parents' newly bought ranch house...that was a haven of lovely 70s decor! I was not thrilled with the situation. My brothers-in-law had even offered for me to come and shower at their houses and borrow their wives clothes if I would please go meet this fella!

Actually, we had met mother had been his Kindergarten teacher! But I didn't remember him. :)

Finally we did talk on the phone, and we talked for hours. We set up a date for the next weekend.

...and the rest is history...

The Lord told me while I was sitting across the table from him at Applebee's that I was going to marry him. I ignored it.

By our second date, I came home and told my cat that we were going to marry him!

Less than 2 months later we were engaged, and 9 months after that we were married!

And it all started 14 years ago this month.

On a blind date.

And I wouldn't change a thing! <3

I love you, sweetheart!! So glad I went on that blind date 14 years ago!!

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Xenia said...

Cutest. Story. Ever.

Sigh, I love hearing about true love! I hope the next 14 years are just as wonderful!