Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Break my heart for what breaks yours

I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks today, and man, do I feel guilty. I'm trying to remember that though I may not be able to change mistakes I've made in the past, I can certainly do better starting today!

I realize that I have slighted one of my beloved children and have not loved him with my whole heart, and maybe even that I have loved him conditionally. It is like the scales have fallen off my eyes and I can see so clearly how I should have been acting instead of how I have. I see and feel how overwhelmingly proud I am of him, and feel the need to tell him RIGHT NOW!! And believe me, I will, just as soon as I get the chance. This kid is overcoming odds, and I've got to tell him how awesome he is!

Just like the 'thing' that has circulated on facebook some--I need to be less concerned with making a good kid than realizing that I already have one!! (or three)

So I just wanted this documented somewhere!
Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes today!!!!


Taylor Downing said...

Love your blog :) Seeing your heart after Him is such a refreshing thing in the blog world. Have a good day!


cm1a louis massignon said...

love your blog :)