Sunday, January 24, 2016

Rust Free Roller Rings Review

I've been gone a while, dear internet, but I'm BAAAAAACK!
I'm dipping my toe back into the pool of reviews. Not sure if I am gonna go in whole hog or not. I have a few reviews lined up to do, and we'll see. I admit I'm a little anxious about it, so let's see how it all goes...

I was delighted to be asked to review the Clipperton Company RollerRings Shower Curtain Rings. This was something that caught my eye because I have been using binder rings to hold my shower curtain up. They aren't that attractive and for sure aren't rust free!

The rings were super easy and attractive stainless steel. Robbie wanted to help me put install them, so here is a token picture of the 5 year old!

It took less than 5 minutes, with Robbie's assistance, to get the shower rings on the curtain. The curtain rolls so much more smoothly on them! I love them!!

Don't they look great?! Go check them out!! #ShowerCurtainRings
I also really appreciate that this product is produced by a small family-owed business in the United States. They have held the patent for RollerRings for the majority of the past two decades and are the original Roller Rings. If you buy from somewhere else, they are an imitator!

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