Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snore Reliever review

I was very pleased to get the opportunity to review the Snore Reliever, and so was my husband! I have been using another product to open my airways, but it is disposable, and not available in the United States. So I used the product sparingly, and honestly reused them, in order to make an order last longer.
That will no longer be necessary with Snore Reliever! This flexible white silicone product is reusable, comfortable, BPA-free, and FDA approved!

The Snore Reliever comes attractively packaged in a small round container. Several sizes were included in order to find the proper fit. This package is small enough to be able to slipped into a pocketbook, tote, or suitcase for ease in travel transport.

Admittedly, this product is not one I'd wear all day, or even one that I will post a pic of me from below using! But, as you can see, it isn't super noticeable!

If you would like to purchase these for yourself, you can purchase them here fo$16.95! Full disclosure: I received these Snore Relievers at a discounted price, but the opinions stated are my own!