Monday, October 19, 2009

14 weeks: baby update!

We're still plugging along! That bout with the flu ended up having me feeling pretty rough for a while. I went back to work last Tuesday, though I probably should have stayed out at least another day. Today is truly the first day when I have felt NORMAL and had somewhat like a normal appetite. It really knocked me on my behind! Given all that, I'm still torn as to whether or not to take the H1N1 vaccine. The way I see it, I've already had the thing, so why should I be vaccinated? My doctor (and my husband) beg to differ. I can get a shot this week through the health department, so I'm praying about it right now. If I feel like the Lord is leading me to get it, I'll do it--otherwise I will follow what I think makes sense. I don't know a better way to determine what to do that as for His guidance!

I went to the doctor today, and by my calculations I've still only gained about 3 pounds! Woo hoo! He said that I was measuring right where I should, and though we didn't get a heart rate, the heartbeat sounded strong. My little baby doesn't want to stay still long enough for anyone to hear much by the Doppler!

How I'm feeling: I haven't been sleeping as well lately, but I did get me a body pillow today so I'm hoping that helps me get more comfortable. Like I said, I've felt pretty awful for almost 2 weeks, so now might not be the best time to ask! LOL I got sick several times over the flu period, which was really yucky since I had been feeling so much better. I'm wearing maternity clothes pretty much all the time now but am still able to get away with a few non-maternity shirts. I had to buy some better fitting bras! All in all, I can't complain! I'm just SO thankful that I'm getting over this awful flu!! I would appreciate any prayers you might could send my way concerning whether or not to get this vaccine.

I'll update again soon!


Josie said...

How exciting! I have been trying to decide what to do about the vaccine too.... I am SO on the fence!

Lisa B said...

Glad you are feeling better! I've been missing seeing your updates!! You mentioned a body pillow and I wanted to send you the link to the best thing EVER for a pregnant body:

It's called a was a life saver for my back!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

My family has never had any flu shots and probably never will. So far, with God's grace we were only ravished by the regular common cold. I'm sorry you were sick. I will remember you and your baby in my prayers tonight. Be well and take care!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hope that you are well over the flu! and everyone continues to do well!

I have been MIA!...but happy to get caught up on some blog reading!

Blessings & aloha!

Also want you to know I have an award (aka bloghug) for you at my place. Once again, even if you are an award free blog, please take a peek to see what it's for! You certainly deserve it, dear friend! Thank you for all your past comments and for checking in on my from time to time :o)