Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday--Do the Moo Shu

We got chicken from KFC last night and when we got home, Isaac started singing the "Do the Moo Shu" song with popcorn chicken, fried chicken, etc. in as the lyrics, and it reminded me of how much he LOVED the Veggie Tales when he was a little bitty boy! He loved watching the Silly Songs video to the point that we also bought the CD so he could listen and sing along when we were in the car! Thankfully, it didn't drive us nearly as crazy as some things that he was later obsessed with (Elmo or Blue's Clues, anyone?!) so we would laugh right along with it. We may have to pull out the old Veggie Tales CD when this little one comes along!

Our kids grow up so quickly, don't they? Seems like it was just yesterday that Isaac was singing along with this, and now he's my big basketball playing, TaeKwonDo punch throwing boy!

Happy Friday!!

I'd love to have you play along! Due to my lateness getting these up and downright LACK of getting posts done lately, I've not seen as much traffic, and I'd love to see that pick back up! C'mon, it is fun!! Just write up your own post and come back and link it up here so I can find you!


Pamela M. Kramer said...

Oh how funny! Thanks for stopping by this week. Really? Your home town? That is so cool.

Judy said...

Sorry I missed this week, Christi! With my grandmother's slumber party yesterday, I've been nuts around the computer!!! I'll definitely find something for next week (hopefully a Def Leppard song since I'm hoping to score tickets this week!).