Friday, October 30, 2009

I am such a klutz!

Granted, this isn't a photo of my toes, but you get the idea....

Guess who fell when stepping off our deck last night?

Yep, that would be ME! I missed the paving stone and landed on my foot. At first I thought it was just barely hurt, but when the pain woke me up during the night I decided that I might ought to see a doctor. So today I did! After x-rays with double-layered protection on my belly, it was determined to be a bad sprain. I have an air cast on, and it is helping the pain when walking and moving around quite a bit!

Only *I* could fall and sprain my ankle while pregnant!

Don't you wish you were so lucky?!?!
Photo credit: CellPhoneSusie


Judy said...

Girl, I fell ALL THE TIME when I was pregnant. In fact, that's how I knew I was pg the second time. No EPT could've predicted it that well!

Pamela M. Kramer said...

That stinks! Hope you are feeling better. I'm still doing your Friday Flash Backs on my blog. Come on by for a visit.

Desiree said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I could have been that klutzy... thank the sweet baby Jesus I didn't have a deck! LOL

Rest up!