Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anissa is coming HOME!!

photo courtesy Mishelle Lane

I'm SOOOO excited! Prayers have been answered, and are continuing to be sent up all over the place! She is a SURVIVOR!

OK, for those who don't know what in the world I'm talking about, my bloggy friend Anissa Mayhew (who I did meet in person at Blissdom '09) had not one but two strokes in November. It was not her first stroke, either. So this was an extremely serious and grave situation for a 30 something year old wife and mom of three. Add to the mix the fact that her youngest child, Peyton, is in remission from childhood lukemia, and you will start to see how unbelievable this was. No one could truly say for sure whether she would recover fully, and if she would, when for a quite a while. But like I said, she is a FIGHTER and a SURVIVOR! She has been in a rehab facility for several weeks now as her body reawakens and she relearned control and regained her strength. But today, folks, TODAY she is coming home to her family! Praise be to God!

She and her husband Peter have been such a source of inspiration and strength through this entire ordeal. She will have to go to outpatient therapies for a while, and here's where the rough part comes in: these visits will cost a $100 copay each day. So here's what Peter is asking, and I'll ask on his behalf as well: he needs 400 people to donate $10 to help fund this. Do you have it in your heart and in your bank account to help out this family who has suffered so much? Do you have $10 to give toward this incredible woman getting her life back, and giving God all the glory while she does? If you do, then click on the button here and make a donation to the Mayhew family. I know that God will repay this to you multiple times in the blessings you will receive!

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Haasiegirl said...

yep, we have donated! what a nice tribute.