Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was laying down with Robbie earlier today, and he was examining both his hands at the same time, kind of like he had just discovered that he could control them separately. He would bend his fingers and look back and forth from hand to hand, then clap his hands for a few seconds, then would lift his hands up and look at them both again, wiggling fingers and such. It delighted me to watch my little creation...the little being that a year ago was still inside me he learned new things about himself and his abilities. This is such a fun age, watching him discover new things each day. He is into something all the time, but his brothers are quick to jump in and help me redirect him or move him away from something he doesn't need to get into.

It made me think of how God must enjoy watching us as we grow stronger in our faith and begin trying out our abilities. How he, too, must giggle in pure delight at seeing how we try our our new skills, much like a toddler learning to walk! What a blessing it is to look at my three children and see how they are growing and changing. Though it is bittersweet to know that this is the last 1st birthday I'll celebrate with one of my own children, I am much more content about it than I was when Adam was turning one. Somehow deep down maybe I knew that my little family wasn't complete! Robbie is definitely a reason to say I love surprises...he's the best surprise present I've ever received!!

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