Friday, July 1, 2011

Life with a Toddler

ahh, this part I didn't necessarily miss...

I want down.
I want up.
I want to pull on this large picture frame hanging on the wall above our heads.
I want to pull on this light cord.
I want in my highchair.
I'm hungry.
I'm not hungry.
I want down.
I want to smash these green beans, not eat them.
I want to lay down.
I want to get up.
I want to nurse.
I want to nurse while laying on my stomach facing away from mommy.
I want juice.
No, I don't want juice! I'll throw this cup!
Uh, oh. Someone spilled some juice in here!! It wasn't me!
I want some of your poptart. Yes, I know mommy doesn't want me to have it but I WANT IT!
I don't want this piece of poptart. I'll crush it on mommy's white down comforter instead.
I want to go outside.
I want to walk around.
I don't like grass.
I want up in your arms!
I want in this chair.
This is cool! I am big!
I want down from this chair.
I want down RIGHT NOW! How do I get out of this chair??
I want to go on the porch.
Oooh, I see mommy tried to block me from this messy, dirty portion of the porch. I want to play RIGHT THERE!!
What? We're going in? We just got out here! PUT ME DOWN! What is a wasp anyway?!
I'm not hungry. I don't want to eat.
Ooh, what is that on mommy's plate? A sandwich? That looks good!
OK, I'll take some crackers.
What happens if I dump this bag on the floor?
Ooh, cool! And I can smash this in the carpet, too?
I'm sleepy. Mommy hold me! Don't want to close my eyes. DON'T WANT TO CLOSE MY EYES!
Don't wan....don't wanna.....don't.....
Ahhh, Mama.


Tamika said... True. Times. Two.

Little Misses Kate said...

I love this post. :)
(Found you via BoyMomBlogHop - hi!)