Friday, July 1, 2011

Random political rant

If you are a regular reader of my blog (I know there are a couple of you out there....hi! Thank you!) then you know that I don't bring up politics. That is more my husband's cup of tea. I keep up with them to a point, probably more than I would otherwise because it is one of his interests. I am conservative, and I don't make that any secret. I don't associate with any one party because I believe in voting for the best person for the job. I hate that our national politics have gotten to be so partisan, and really wish that the two sides would come together for the greater good instead of only wanting what they want. Even though I may not always agree with the president....ANY PRESIDENT, that is...I still believe he deserves respect as the leader of our country and try not to badmouth him, especially in front of my children.

That being said, I was thoroughly irritated to wake up this morning by reports that President Obama is going to Camp David for the weekend after chastising Congress into not taking the break they had planned for this weekend! How freakin' hypocritical! And not only that, he compared them to schoolchildren in their inability to get things done on time, yet when the Republicans wanted to meet with him face to face to discuss this budget mess, he flat out refused. Boy, that is really wanting to work this out, isn't it? More like you need to hurry up and do it MY way, isn't it?

I'm not letting the Republicans off the hook, though. I think this is a time we NEED to get rid of some tax breaks that big corporations are getting. Our economy is in the tank, and these companies continue to make money. I sure as heck can't say that for myself!! I won't go into specifics, but I will remind you that we have another mouth to feed in this family...and we haven't gotten a raise since before he was born. It is time to think about the little people instead of the big corporations in this!!

Again, I rarely do this on my blog, but I really felt the need to express myself politically today. Please remember that and be kind if you do choose to comment either here or on Facebook. I usually keep my political opinions to myself and not put my thoughts 'out there'. Those of you that know me well know how I feel about such things as religion, politics, and sports teams, but I don't take well to public internet criticism....hey, I'll just admit it, it hurts my feelings!...and I try not to criticize others about their takes on things. So if you disagree with me, go ahead and comment, I'll try to be a big girl, but do remember the Golden Rule and treat me as you would like to be treated, mmmmmmkay?!

Have a great Independence Day and weekend, ya'll!!

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