Monday, July 18, 2011

Oops, I did it again....

get yer mind out of the gutter....LOL

I started yet another blog, this one related to my work! I'd be honored if you'd go check it out! It is called Reading's the Thing! There isn't too much exciting going on there...yet...but I'll try to link up to posts, etc. I find interesting and highlight strategies and products that I think are worth mentioning. There are TONS of great school-related blogs out there and I'm having all kinds of fun looking at them! I might get a chance to look at them quite a bit this week with my oldest son gone to 4H camp for the first time (sniff, sniff...I cried dropping him off, I'll admit it!) and my middle one going to day camp at KHK Martial Arts every day day this week! It is gonna be quiet around here with just me, Chris, and Robbie during the day! Chris and I are thinking about tackling painting the kitchen with less people in the house this week....we are going to look at paint here in a bit when we go out to lunch for our ANNIVERSARY!

Yes, 13 years ago we tied the knot! I can't think of a better spouse for me and daddy for my sons. I'm truly blessed and don't thank the Lord enough for him, but I really DO love him and think he's 'the bee's knees'!

So there is an update....hop on over and check out my blog, especially teacher friends, please?!

Have a great week!!

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