Monday, December 10, 2007

Are you a fit-pitcher?

I sure can be! I've embarrassed myself on more than one occasion cause I am not so good at holding my tongue when I'm upset. This is not the most recent, but it is one that I really didn't mean to pitch and was remorseful after I did.

I am a United Methodist preacher's kid, which means that I have moved quite a few times over the years. So much so that even now, 12 years after the last time I moved with my parents, I still get nervous in the spring thinking that someone is going to tell me I have to move houses. Now add to this that in my 10 year history teaching in one building, I have only moved classrooms ONCE but have had to pack up my room every.single.year! Does that make sense to you?? Sure doesn't to me!

So a few years ago our principal said that we would take year about packing up classrooms--one year the second floor would pack, the next year the first floor, and so on. Great! I thought. I'll only have to pack up every other year! But the next year, no one but ME seemed to remember that bargain! Not only that, I found out that I had to not only pack up my classroom, but also my entire CLOSET!!

I was furious. I didn't see the logic in this. Yes, my room was being painted, and for that I was glad, but my closet??! So when our assistant principal told me this, I blew up. In front of an office full of people. And I really didn't mean to. I didn't mean to come across as hatefully as I did. Thankfully, she is a good friend of mine and forgave me, but I still hate that other coworkers heard and saw me act so childishly.

My fit is being judged in the mommy tantrum contest!

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Johnina said...

Love it!!! Good-Luck on your entry

Misty said...

confession: when I first read the title of your post I thought you were saying "fit pitcher" as in an in good shape baseball thrower... I was intrigued by the randomness... but I get it now.

I am not, but I could be. :)
Good luck!

Staci said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am a teacher, too, so I can totally relate to this post!! I have been fortunate enough to stay in the same room as long as I've been teaching (6 years). Good luck on your entry!