Sunday, December 9, 2007

What a nerd I am.....

I have just been tagged for a meme for the first time and I am excited! Stop laughing at me! For real! It isn't funny!

OK, now that you have caught your breath.....

Julie tagged me, and although I'm not sure why, I hope that it means she'll be back!

So, now I need to list 7 things that most people don't know about me. And that is HARD for me, cause I have a tendency to tell all!

Let's see:

1. I'm quitting selling Avon after this month. Some people know that, but lots don't, and they aren't gonna be happy, but after much prayer and discussion, I know it is the best thing to do.

2. I taught Visually Impaired students for 2 years. I have 4 classes under my belt toward a certification to teach it, but I never finished it, mainly cause I'd be going up against my sister for the job and I value my life, as well as my relationship with her!

3. I have had driver's licenses from 3 different states: first in Georgia, then Tennessee, then Virginia. I even had my CDL in TN to drive a van load of daycare kids around.

4. I love Christmas, and get exceptionally sentimental about my Christmas ornaments. Tonight when we were decorating the tree, Chris told our sons that they could pick out 3 ornaments each ( and then I let them pick one more) and then said that Mommy got to put on as many as she wanted. Of course, they didn't like that! But the thought that *I* was going to be limited to choosing only 3 of our collectible ornaments had me almost in tears! So he agreed that the ones that we have had since our first Christmas together automatically get on the tree. And for the record, that would be "Our First Christmas Together", "Darth Vader" , "Our First Christmas Together Photo", and "Mrs. Gulch Wizard of Oz".

5. I have a bad problem with getting up in the middle of the night and eating. That's all I will say about that!

6. I dislike all forms of exercise that aren't dance.

7. I don't cook unless I have to. Chris is the cook around here. He's good at it and enjoys it, whereas I stink at it and dislike it! So why would I take this pleasure from him?!

OK! Now to tag seven more!

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OK! Now it is your turn!


LibAnn said...

LOL It has been a little while since I have been tagged. So I guess I don't mind, as I am sure I am due. Usually it is my mom, she will get me over and over just to aggravate me LOL

Thanks for the tag. I needed something to blog about anywho.

And welcome to the world of memes. You did it just right.


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Great 7 Things! I share #5 with you. Hate that! Love that! Hate that!

I have actually done this 7 Things Meme, but thank you so much for the tag!

You can see mine at:
Tagged Like Gangbusters

I've edited it to show you as a tagger. ;-)

Pickel said...

Okay, here you go...but I did it back in October!

oh amanda said...

Let's see...I've had a DL in GA, FL, AL...we're close! But I've never had the cdl!

Capturing Today said...

Hey! You are one of the winners in my Ugly Mug Coffee giveaway from last week - please check your email - I need your info by the end of today or I'll have to pick another winner!


Elizabeth Coplan said...

#4 -- Me too! The sentimental ornaments go on a special decorative tree. That's "sentimental" as in ancient, from my childhood, anyone who breaks one will suffer my wrath! Oh, and Merry Christmas.

I'll post the meme later this week on my blog.
Cheers, Elizabeth at A Wild Ride

Kelly said...

What? You thought I forgot? OK, OK. I actually did. But today I remembered...OK?


OH...and #6, ditto.

Anonymous said...

love the ornament confession. Our tree is filled with "meaning" not one generic ornament in the bunch. :) My confession- I have a touch of OCD and always the "elves" decorated the tree overnight while we (my kids) were asleep and the elves left one special ornament wrapped underneath it for them to open and hang. My husband hates that idea and when the kids got old enough forced me to let them do it and doesn't even let me rearrange them. That was 7 years ago and this is the first year I didn't twitch. ;) In my defense we have a ton of special ornaments that reflect the girls' interests through the years. Happy Holidays!