Friday, October 10, 2008

extremely discouraged and frustrated...yes the rash

I just got back from the dermatologist where we looked at the results of the allergy tests they started on Monday. Guess what turned up??

A big fat NOTHING!

It was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears right then and there in front of the doctor, nurse, and Isaac. Will this rash never end??? Yeah, we keep seeming to get it under control, but then go a few weeks and it is back! Right now, I'm using an antihistamine cream, but will it just come back when I stop using it?

If it does come back, then he suggests stopping taking the Diclofenac. That helps control the fibro pain and the IBS. The other things that I take are for the anxiety and depression. So basically, I'm screwed if it comes back. I could be having to change meds for quite a while.

I just want to shout I give up! I want to crawl in bed and sleep for about 2 months. I've HAD it. I haven't even gone to get Adam at daycare yet cause I just don't want to see anyone. I need to go to the drugstore and pick up a refill....again, don't wanna do it.

Please pray, cause I'm just.....argh. I can't even put it into words anymore.


Robin said...

I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could do. Do you want me to kick its @$$? I would, you know!

tknoppe said...

{{{Christi}}} I'm sorry. I am not 100% sure what's been going on with your health, as I just got your tweet and came here to read your post. I'll certainly be praying for you. - Traci

Shannon Smith said...

Christi - I understand your frustration and praying for your emotional well being and emotions as you deal with this.



Noelle said...

I am so sorry you are going through all this- I just saw your tweet, have been sick off and on for a week, so I am behind! Is it like a Hive kind of rash at all??? I am gonna tweet ya! Anxiety itself can cause a wild rash- you know that I am sure. I have anxiety/panic disorder for 10 years and anxiety can do some crazy things. Praying for you! Take as much time for yourself as you can to CHILL!

Judy said...

Oh hon. That's horrible.

We took Tyler for the whole battery of "pricks" last year - 68 of them. However, they did let me know that even though everything came back negative, that was just 68 things. It could still be something else. However, as it turns out for Tyler, his is vasomotor rhinitis (bad cold with black circles under the eyes that NEVER GO AWAY!!!).

I'm hoping SOMETHING shows up soon. hang in there. Eye of the Tiger, girl.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

Christi - I haven't been following your whole rash issue, but I also had a rash for a long time. Allergy tests were negative, too, and so was every other rash-producing test the doc could think of. It's very frustrating. I have 15+ spots right now, and they're very very itchy. It's embarrassing. Anyway, my doctor said that it's urticaria and there aren't many options for treating it. You might want to google that and try some dietary changes to see if it helps. My biggest trigger has been fresh strawberries, so I avoid them. Obviously, though, they aren't the only thing that trigger my rash. :(