Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday--Justify My Love

Today I'm taking you back to my college days! Robin and I would listen to this CD while we got ready for class. The video was pretty racy for the day, and who can forget the spoof they did of it on Wayne's World?! Hilarious!!

So here is some old school Madonna for you! Justify My Love!

So what about you? What memory are you thinking of today? Please share!


Pamela Kramer said...

omg - I had never seen the video before. That's totally racy! lol - I had to turn it off because my toddler is running around. Good Times though.

Judy said...

I had never seen the video either - eeks! LOL

Robin said...

Love it!!! Do you remember looking at Chuck Johnston's Madonna book? Now, those pics of her and Naomi Campbell were something else!!