Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feeling much better today

Thank you for your kind comments. I had my pity party last night, complete with panic attack on the way to Chris' Mamaw's house, where I made him bring me back home. I just could not face trying to converse and act like everything was okay when it WASN'T. I would have upset Mamaw, too, and I hated to do that. So I stayed here, watched Miss Congeniality and worked through some work-related emails, and fell asleep early. I know that Chris was worried about me. In 10 years of marriage, he had never seen me in such a state.

To answer some questions, this is not a hivey rash, it is more of a flat, dotty rash. I have been fighting this since mid-July. I have been told it was shingles (and took a round of Valtrex, I might add), taken one shot of steroids, taken two rounds of oral steroids, had a skin biopsy, been told I was allergic to Prilosec and then also all other class of acid blockers as well. ALL to come back to the fact I broke out AGAIN. It has been very trying, especially as I deal with my husband, almost 5 year old and 7 year old, church issues, starting back to full time first grade teaching, starting into a graduate program, and dealing with issues at work. So do ya see why I was pretty down last night??

But after some alone time and some intense prayer (read: begging the Lord), I feel much better today. I have put my big girl panties on and am dealing with it. Not that I'm not still discouraged, but I'm claiming healing in Jesus' name. I am asking everyone that I know to pray, and if I flare up again, I'm going to ask my dad to pray a prayer of healing over me. This is quite bold for a United Methodist born and bred girl to say all this, cause it just isn't usually our way, but I know that the Lord has Power over all, and I know He doesn't want me to suffer. If I have to start coming off my medications, then suffer it will be. I really fear for my mental health if it comes to that.

Will you please join me in this? Will you please pray that the Lord will take this rash from me, and that it will never flare again? I would so appreciate it, and will sing His praises when it happens!

You may read these same words on my other blog and if you frequent the same sites I do, may see it there too. Please forgive me for not restating this at every site. I thank you for your prayers again, and know that Jesus will be the conqueror in this!!


autismfamily said...

Good luck. I have dealt with eczema rashes most of my life. I find it has been worse throughout my 40s and taking prednisone sucks. I call it the nasty pill and now have vision issues to look into and see if it is cataracts or perhaps prednisone induced diabetes.

I have heard that shingles hits people at 50 or 60 and was wondering if that would hit me.

I know what you are going through with rashes and panic attacks. One of the reasons I dont drive freeways. Is it really itchy? IS the rash confined to one area of body? I get face, hands, arms, legs, back and buttocks.

dddiva said...

*hugs* Bless your heart, I can't even imagine, but prayers said here.

Noelle said...

How are those big girl panties feeling? HA! Well you have to laugh too! Praying and agreeing with you. I could not say enough about spending time w/HIM and getting rest for your body and MIND,removing as much negative from your life, even what you choose to watch on TV/Movies. (Heavy emotional stuff) So your body can come out a place of 'fight or flight'. And Praise Him NOW, in the midst, thank Him now for what He is doing, because HE IS DOING! Blessings to you Christi!

Robyn said...

Christi, I just wanted you to know that I praying for you! Praying for your healing, praying for wisdom for the doctors treating you, praying for patience for your family and for you! Hang in there girl! I pray it gets better soon!!

Judy said...

God WILL take care of you - you know that. It is a "Job moment" in your life, and I pray it is quick and over soon. Heal quickly, dear.

BlondeBlogger said...

You know that passage in the Bible..."Your faith has healed you." That was meant for you. :) Definitely praying!

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I just commented on your other post, but I do hope you'll check into urticaria. Your rash does sound a lot like mine (my family doc mistook it for shingles, too). Mine doesn't look like hives as I know them, but my allergy doc said that's exactly what it is. Hives can take on many different appearances. Good luck.