Monday, June 2, 2008

Praise the Lord for warranties!

The transmission in Chris' car started acting up about 10 days ago. First it was just whining when stepping on the brake while in drive (like at a red light), then it started more stuff, and then by Friday it was slipping. He parked it and made an appointment to take it into the dealer today. Last night, we very carefully took it to a shopping center near the dealership so we would be traveling the majority of the way in light traffic. It was a good thing we did, cause Chris ended up driving it most of the short distance from where we had parked it to the dealer on the shoulder of the road cause it was slipping.

We *thought* that it would be covered by warranty since the power train was under 7 years/70,000 miles and there are only 49,000 miles and 5 years on the car. But until we heard that it would be covered, we were kind of holding our breath--since we don't have an extra $1500 dollars just laying around!

So you can imagine our relief when they called and said that YES, it would be covered, and we only have a $100 deductible on the work!

We're also VERY thankful that this happened NOW instead of on the way to New Orleans, since this is the car we're taking on the trip! Once again, God has watched over us and provided our needs before we even knew them!

While I'm posting, would you please pray for my friend Cookie? She is having a hysterectomy today. She's also a coworker and was Isaac's wonderful teacher this year. She has three daughters and a dear hubby who are very concerned about her as well. Thank you!!

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