Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!!

We leave for our cruise!!

I *think* I'm packed....if I'm not packed, then I guess whatever else will have to be bought on the ship! We are getting up early tomorrow and driving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Saturday we'll drive the rest of the way to New Orleans. We'll board the ship and visit Cosumel and Progreso, Mexico and be back to New Orleans on Thursday. We plan on getting home sometime Friday!

There are 16 of us in all going: Me, Chris, Isaac, Adam, my parents, my sister Brenda, her husband Dale, their kids Ked, Logan, Maria, and Wesley, my sister, Suzy, her husband Scott, and their kids Katie and Keener. We embark on my parents' actual 50th anniversary, June 14. We're excited!!

So I'll see ya'll late next week with lots of stories and pics!!