Saturday, June 21, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

When I happened upon the meme for today....that I have seen elsewhere but haven't joined in on yet....this song just popped into my head! I pray that it touches you like it always does me!

Lord of all creation
of water earth and sky
The heavens are your Tabernacle
Glory to the Lord on high

God of wonders beyond our galaxy
You are Holy, Holy
The universe declares your Majesty
And you are holy holy

Lord of Heaven and Earth
Lord of Heaven and Earth

Early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
When i stumble in the darkness
I will call your name by night

lord of heaven and earth
lord of heaven and earth

Hallelujah to the lord of heaven and earth (repeate 3 times)

holy......holy....holy god.....


Precious lord reveal your love to me....
Father holy..
(backround)...Lord god almighty...

The "universe" declares your majesty
"you are" holy,holy,holy,holy
Halleujah to the lord of heaven and earth 9x


Judy said...

This is my boys' all-time favorite song - we LOVE City On A Hill. I'm singing right along with the lyrics...thanks for posting this today!

Judy said...

Hi Christi! I had to come back and comment after reading through a few of your posts below - in particular, the one about the newspaper announcement...the "United Methodist" part jumped out at me - my dad is a Methodist minister! He recently retired from serving as DS down by Houston, and he now teaches Bible courses at Lon Morris College - a Methodist-supported junior college in Texas. Small world! Glad to "meet" another PK (or TO as we used to say for Theologian Offspring!).

Peggy said...

Christi...Glad to see you joining us for TSMSS..with PRAISE to the Lord of our Creation. HE is LORD OF HEAVEN & EARTH.

I am touched with much declaration of GLORY to the HOLY LORD!!! and praising HIM in all HIS MAJESTY!

Thank you for sharing what's in your head of praise!Be blessed!