Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prayer request!

Anyone who might read this, please pray for my friend Carla's father, Charlie! He had a heart attack yesterday and is in Coronary Care right now awaiting a triple bypass surgery between now and Monday. I am especially concerned because we're leaving town on Friday. This is a man for whom I have great love and respect, and consider 'my' family! I'm very worried about him and am in constant prayer for he and his family. Carla's mom, Carletta, kept me as a baby and Carla and I were in each other's weddings. Please, please pray for him and the entire family!

I did a barium swallow today. It wasn't so bad, except that it upset my stomach....imagine that....and I've felt kinda yucky (fibro yucky) this evening. I took a pain reliever and a muscle relaxer but am having a hard time still going to sleep, I'm sure because I am worried about Charlie.

So again, please pray! I'll update you if I learn any more!

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