Monday, June 23, 2008

VBS Night Two!

It well very well considering. I had a very hard time going to sleep last night, and finally had to take a sleeping pill after 1. I went and helped Chris at the church for Bike Virginia, but since he had several people there, I only stayed about an hour. I pretty much slept most of the day. I was in quite a bit of pain and really tired....fibro strikes again! But I was determined to go to do my part at Bible School tonight, and God is so good...once I got there and got into it, no pain! Now as soon as I got into the car, I felt pretty rough again, but I got His work done, right??!

I've already taken a muscle relaxer and am planning on taking a sleeping pill soon and getting a good nights' rest. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better!!


Judy said...

Feel better tomorrow!

Robin said...

I hope you have a better night and tomorrow!! We are doing the same theme this week too! I can't get "Beach Be-attitudes" song out of my head.