Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surgery went well!

Thank you, dear Lord!!!! God is so good, and has been with us through this terribly long day. I will try to share more tomorrow, but just wanted to say that surgery was successful and he is recovering right as he should. Please pray for his continued recovery and pain, as well as for Mom--she's worn out, understandably. We were blessed with many friends stopping by and calling to check on us. Surgery took about 6 hours. I went on to class after seeing him for about 5 minutes, and somehow (not somehow, with God's help!) managed to make 100 on my quiz, too! I even had the opportunity to speak to one of my favorite undergrad professors and catch up with him a bit.

My sweet husband has dvr'd a documentary that I had wanted to watch and that he happened to see coming on tonight. He's also done lots of laundry. He's such a blessing!! His Mamaw may get to come home tomorrow. They're still not exactly sure what caused her severe pain, and we pray that something does show up in tests so we can figure it out. So far, nothing much has. So please continue to pray for her, too.

I pray that you have a blessed night and sleep...I think I will, out of pure relief!!

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Judy said...

Our God is an AWESOME God...thanks be to God!