Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday--Via Dolorosa/Still Her Little Child

On this, Good Friday, I am honoring My Savior by my flashback.

There are only two songs that I know that emotionally represent what Easter represents for Our Jesus suffered and died so that we could live. I remember very clearly the first time I heard this song. It was playing during a drama presented at what is now my church, though it was not at the time. The song played as my two sisters--playing Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene--followed a man playing Jesus down the aisle as he hefted the crossbar of a cross on his back. To hear my sisters sobbing as they thought about the pain that He suffered for us made a great impression on me. I don't know know if I had seriously considered or understood what had taken place until that night, and it brought me to tears. I was 14, and I began to realize what He did for me. I remember asking my sisters later if they were acting or really crying, and they told me that they were so struck by the representation that they truly were sobbing.

I couldn't choose between these two powerful songs, so I decided to show them both today! I LOVE this song. It reminds me that Mary suffered along with her son when he was crucified. Yes, he was more than human, but those around him were, and had natural human emotions! I cannot imagine how Mary miserable I would be if it were one of my sons!

May you have a blessed Good Friday, and a glorious Easter weekend!

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Judy said...

LOVE Sandi Patti - good choices for today!

Pamela Kramer said...

I'm with you! It's really hard when you can feel your child's pain. Happy FF.

Mel said...

Amazing amazing choices for Flashback Friday