Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Things I do not like

Though I DO like that I am on Spring Break, there are several other things I don't like today. And for your reading pleasure, here they are, in no certain order!

1. Raw Tomatoes

(photo courtesy spisharam)

Never like them, so they have to show up in any 'I don't like' list. I like tomatoes in things, I like tomato soup, I like ketchup, but just can't stand tomatoes by themselves.

2. Stomach viruses
I know, who DOES like them?! But seriously, we have had this thing around for days. Isaac was sick on Saturday. Everyone seemed okay on Sunday. Isaac AND Adam sick on Monday. Everyone seemed okay on Tuesday. Isaac AND Adam sick on Wednesday! When I say everyone seemed okay, that takes into consideration that Chris and I have both felt yucky on and off on these days. Neither of us have been full out sick like the boys, thankfully. But enough already!!

3. This research paper
I've got the research part down. But the paper part? Not so much. I've got to get it done, but I'm not doing so well with that. I have pretty much had a mental BLOCK on what I needed to do next. Chris just talked me through that a bit, so hopefully I'll get going here in a bit. Oh, and just for the record: I forced myself to stay OFFLINE yesterday after my initial check in the morning!

4. Housework
Need I say more?

5. Sinus headaches

(photo courtesy sarah azavezza.)
These have certainly added to my 'not feeling well'-ness over the past few days!

6. Little boys fighting over silly things

(photo courtesy infidelic)
This always seems to get on my nerves. Thankfully this didn't start today until after 9 am. For that, I am thankful!

7. Not knowing what I want to eat
And having to find something. I know. Very minor, but apparently it is harder to come up with 13 things I don't like than I thought. (Which really is a good thing, right?!)

8. Rumors and such over jobs next year
Especially as they relate to administrative positions. HATE IT.

9. No chocolate in the house

(photo courtesy alykat)
That is the WORST when you need it, like when you just cleaned up a huge mess related to stomach virus that your son bestowed upon the bathroom! I NEEDED chocolate and there was none!

10. Weird neighbors who hate our dogs
I dislike this all the time too, but it especially has bothered me since Sally passed away. The un-Christian part of me so wants to go tell them that they don't have to worry about her getting in their yard anymore, but I've resisted the urge thus far.

11. Yo Gabba Gabba

(photo courtesy PixelManiatiK)
This show frightens me! I know that there are those of you who love it out there, but it seriously disturbs me. It makes me nervous!

12. Not having the time I'd like to read blogs
My free time keeps getting eaten by such things as parenting, sleep, work, and schoolwork for my classes! Totally stinks.

13. Death
This one is an all-the-time dislike too. We've had too many people in our church family pass away lately. This is another part of adulthood I could certainly do without. I'm grateful that I know I'll see my loved ones again, but I'd still rather do without it!

So there you go! My 13 for the day! Thanks for reading!


Alice Audrey said...

Seems to me that's more than enough not to like, even if not knowing what to eat is fairly trivial.

Janet said...

mmm, I'll take all your tomatoes!

feefifoto said...

Hey, I love stomach viruses!

Oh, wait -- no, sorry. I meant to say I love tomatoes. Silly me.

jenn said...

I got hives as a child because I ate all the tomatoes out of our garden...I still love them today!

Daily Panic said...

love your list.Mine would be very simular, but I love raw tomatoes I can eat them like apples!

Ann Bruce said...

#11 - That picture frightened me!

My expressions LIVE said...

Similar to my list..great post!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Ooh, not having chocolate IS bad. I've written about chocolate before... let me know if you need links. (One of those stories closes out the Demo Tapes: Year 1, in fact)

We had one of those virus waves in our house this winter, too. I know your pain! Hang in there!