Monday, June 15, 2009

FIRST Tour and some random thoughts

I've got a review posted over at Blah Blah Reviews! Usually I'd put up my button and link that way, but I'm using my sister's computer, so I don't have it saved! So just go on over there and check it out! While you're there, enter my giveaway for a pair of so cute Energizer Bunny slippers!

Now, some random thoughts! We are at Lake Junaluska, a United Methodist retreat center in western North Carolina where the Annual Conference of our church is being held. We rent a house with my parents and sister's family. Unfortunately, this year we're not getting to stay for as long since I am actually missing class today to be here, and have class the rest of the week.

I took the boys down to the playground for a little while. I can't believe in 8 years of Isaac's life I haven't taken him down there...what a bad mommy I am! We played, swung on the swings, and the boys built a pyramid sand castle! While we were there, Isaac asked me if he could bring his Bible with him when we go to the beach next week with Chris' family. "Of course!" was my response. We will plan on going to church on Sunday while we're down there, though the rest of the family may not. In my family, we have always gone to church, no matter where we are...if we're vacationing or driving down the road, we find the nearest church and go. I appreciate this as a mom, and thankfully Chris agrees! Silly me--my gratefulness to the Lord for dying for my sins doesn't stop while I'm away from home!

ANYWAY--back to the point, that Isaac asked about bringing his Bible. He said that when we were taking a break in the house (otherwise known as naptime for Adam and a 3 year old cousin) he could spend some time reading his Bible. What Mama wouldn't love hearing her 8 year old suggest this?

Random thought #2: yesterday the kids sang some songs that they learned at Vacation Bible School last week. They sang and did some sign language to "Friend of God" and it was SOOO sweet, it brought tears to my eyes! I'm so thankful that my children have a welcoming environment where they can learn about the Lord and express this love freely!

Random thought #3, though semi-related: The couple that had been leading our children's choir are no longer going to be at our church. He is a local pastor and has been given an appointment at a local church. This is an issue for one reason: he and his wife kind of 'took over' leadership of the Children's Choir years ago, and all the other volunteers quit except for Chris, me, and one other man. NOT a good scene. So we didn't get any warning about this move....who is going to lead the children's choir? I'll be willing to bet it will either me be or one sister. He also is the 'technology guru' of the church, but we agreed (my sister, Chris, brother-in-law, and I) that between the tech-savvy teenagers and us, we could continue to get such things as slide presentations done! We will need to purchase a projector, however.

Random thought #4: we were talking earlier about different 'obsessions' Isaac has had over the years. One such obsession was naming all makes of cars as we passed by. The first time Isaac watched Spiderman, when watching the scene where Spiderman threw a bad guy out the window onto a car below, Isaac didn't notice Spiderman's strength or the bad guy being defeated, he said, "Was that a Buick?!" We all cracked up! Isaac was also fascinated by intercoms (which he called 'hello's) and smoke detectors (which he called 'smokes'). It is fun to remember the silly things he's said over the years!

So there is your random thoughts of Christi update! Ta-ta for now!

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Judy said...

My parents have been to the conference center at Lake Junaluska for General Conference. They loved it!