Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Want to encourage service in your children??

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I want my boys to realize that there are things bigger out there than just their personal needs and wants, and to put others before themselves. In order to do that, I am going to have to teach it to them! So when I read about Mom It Foward's Summer of Service Challenge, I knew it would be a GREAT thing in which we could participate!

Service has been part of my life for all my life. As a daughter of a United Methodist minister, it was a way of life....going to see people in the hospital or nursing homes, giving to those who were less was just what we did. In college, service through the Bonner Scholars Program helped pay for my education as I committed to doing service both during the academic year and in the summer. Before I got married, I volunteered a week of time for a camp with Middle school age kids for a few summers, and have volunteered in various roles at our church regularly since then.

I want my boys to start feeling how good it feels to help others. They enjoy our yearly Christmas Caroling venture to the local nursing home and shut-ins from our church and community. I know that they have Giving Spirits, and I want to cultivate that. This challenge is PERFECT to work toward this! To learn more, please visit Mom it Forward's website and tell my friends Carissa and Jyl that Christi sent ya! Also stop by twitter on Tuesday evenings starting at 9 EST for Girls Night Out (just use the hashtag #gno)!


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

What a sweet post, Christi! I loved learning about your growing up experiences too. Isn't it true that parenting and modeling service is the best way to teach our kids to give back?

dddiva said...

Sounds like a great challenge, something the kids can look forward to that will be good for them and others.