Saturday, August 8, 2009

The multiple reason that I'm freaking out

If I can laugh about it, it helps, right?!

1. I'm all torn up about the fact that my baby is very obviously not a baby anymore and is going to Kindergarten. I have sat and cried,"I don't want to go backwards, I don't want another baby, so why am I crying over this??!" Never did I think it was gonna be this hard, and it isn't HIM, it is ME! I think that the following have everything to do with why I'm having a hard time....

2. I've gone back up to the boys' school--my former workplace--twice over the past week or so. The first time, I cried after I left the building. The second time, I didn't cry, but even thinking about heading down the hall where I taught for 12 years brings fresh tears. I feel like I don't really 'fit' anywhere right now, cause I don't know my new coworkers, but I don't feel as though I'm part of my former faculty either. It is a very lonely place, actually.

3. My oldest nephew is leaving for college Wednesday. This is the child of my oldest sister, so I worry about and feel for her, too! Though he's not going far away to school, and I'll be on campus myself once a week starting Sept. 1, it is just a big change, yk? Every time I think about how Adam going to school is affecting me, I think about how much harder it must be for Bren! I'm THRILLED for him and so excited that he's gonna be experiencing the same college as we did because we all loved it so much, and hope that he does as well!

4. I've been having my bout with insomnia again this week. I *think* that I've figured out a pattern that it happens approximately every 2 months. I'm gonna try to better document when it is happening to see if I'm right. So sleep deprivation is contributing for sure.

5. Going back to work is always hard.

OK, well that should about do it for today! LOL


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Awww! Thinking about you and remembering those days when all our 3 first started kindergarten!

Now, our 2 daughters in dental school and our son a sophomore undergrad! Hard for us, cuz my hubby & I are here i Georgia and our 3 in Kentucky! Actually, their dad has the hardest time! he would love to have them stay little chickadees in our nest still.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I'm back! Honest, I'll leave ya alone... but first, I want you to know that I have a Blog Hug (aka award) for you at my place!

See Ya!

Judy said...

This time of year is always tough - so much transition and change. Hang in there, hon. Focus on things that make you happy, and the rest will fall in line.