Monday, August 17, 2009

We survived, and other good news!

The first day is done! We all survived with very little damage!

I dropped the boys off early and walked them to their rooms where they deposited their bags. Then I walked the to the cafeteria and choked up as I told them goodbye and that I loved them. I know this wouldn't have been nearly as difficult had I not been leaving the building to go to another school! But I did it, and it will get easier from here on out, I'm sure.

Both boys had a great day! They were competing to tell me about things that they did or saw or said on the way home. I helped out in Kindergarten all day, and am again grateful that I was never asked to be a Kindergarten teacher. Even though it wasn't MY classroom, I still came home exhausted! My hat is off to those of you who teach Kindys day in and day out!!

Chris had a somewhat stressful day, but it was nothing he can't handle. He and the boys have gone to TaeKwonDo to release some energy and get some exercise while I stayed home for a while hoping that the OTHER good news would be delivered!

AND IT WAS! Check out what I got from my new best friend, the FedEx man!

SQEEEEEEEEEE!! He tried to deliver it on Thursday and Friday--Murphy's law that it was the first week I wasn't home all day, every day--my new vacuum! I can't wait to give it a spin!! And another shout-out and THANK YOU to the lovely ladies from whom I won it--the Wii Mommies!

All in all, it was a pretty good day!!


Mel said...

Tomorrow is my boys first day!! I am so glad y'all had a wonderful day, kindy is exhausting...

what an awesome vacuum ok maybe i need a life if i can get excited over a vacuum

Vacuum in health!!!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

My daughter starts next week. I can't believe it! Congrats on your win!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yay! glad to hear it was a great day!

And Wow!!! that is some kind of a win!

Awesome :o)

Wanda Metcalf aka; TXBlueEye on Twitter said...

So glad that the boys did well. sounds like it was a bit more hard on you. Why are we always like this? Wow you win the best things!!

love ya