Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blessings through this blog!!

A friend of mine commented on my last post and I think she may have pointed me toward the answer to the school money problem!! PLEASE pray that she has! All the schools except one qualify as serving a large number of low-income students, and if I am looking to go back to school in an area that the federal government considers high need (which Reading Specialist is on the list), and I promise to teach it full-time for at least 4 years, they'll pay for my degree!!

PLEASE join me in praying that this can be worked out, and that the college will work with me to get this money ASAP!! I'm calling both the college and my Superintendent tomorrow to see what they think!!

PLEASE, please, pray!! Oh, please, Lord, let this be Your answer and Your will!!!!


Ashley said...

I did a loan like that for nursing. It was called the service cancellable loan. It worked out great. I knew I wasn't going to leave GA after I graduated so I knew I could work here for the amount of time to pay it off through service. It ended up looking good on my credit too because when I sent in my information proving I was working in GA they showed that I was paying monthly on the loan on my credit report. I think it is a great way to pay for your education if you know you can work in the area they are asking. It worked out great for me.

Judy said...

Oh, I hope it all works out - what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

No problem. Glad I could help. I was going to do it for Spec Ed, but Jack and I are applying to teach overseas with Dept of Defense schools. So they aren't a high need school, that would let me work and repay that loan...
Let me know how it works out.. email me

what is your email??

CHristy Bailey