Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A little update on us....been kinda crazy!

Oh, man, girlies (and boys, too...are there any of you out there??) it has been a wild few days around these parts!

Let's start on Friday....Adam woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. I stayed home because Chris is trying to help transition away from one of his two school assignments and needed to be there to work with the other lady, who is known to complicate things! No problem. I went ahead and took him to the doctor cause Adam doesn't usually seem to be ill until he is REALLY sick. The doctor thought it was just a virus that he had but was concerned about a place on the back of his ear, so went ahead and gave us an antibiotic for that (which helped the supposed virus...he's no longer coughing....go figure).

Saturday we were hit with a surprise snow storm! We were supposed to only get flurries, but it was a full blown storm, at least what we Southerners call a storm! Then it froze over night to ice, so we had a bit of a mess on our hands for several days on the mountain roads that don't get sun. These roads also don't get scraped or salted cause they are so rural, it is too cost prohibitive to do so. (Just letting you know so those of you who don't live in the South won't start heckling me for the small amount of snow we got...yeah, I know it is nothing to you, but that isn't the point of the story! SHEESH!)

Anyway, I digress...Sunday morning and evening we did our Christmas cantatas at church, and they went pretty well, except for what I described a few days ago concerning Adam and the video camera.

And then came Monday, where *I* got the loveliness of the stomach bug! Thankfully, school was cancelled because of the snow on Saturday. I finally started taking some Immodium since I couldn't stay out of the bathroom, and that started causing horrible gas pains, or so I thought. After a few hours of that I was feeling much better and even had visions of making it to work on Tuesday. (FYI: for those who aren't teachers, it is more trouble than it is worth to be out of school if at all possible. The kids go wild, they don't learn a lot, and life generally is chaotic for days afterwards. No one's fault, just the way things are.)

I didn't sleep well at all that night, and was up with what I thought were gas pains again around three, and again they started around 5.

I'm cutting and pasting the next part from the parenting message board I frequent. Apologizes if that offends! ;)

I woke up this morning around 5 to horrible pain on my right side. I waited til 6 to wake Chris up, and my parents came over to get the boys ready for school and Chris took me to the hospital. I tell ya ladies, I've never been in so much pain in all my life! Not even childbirth with no drugs!

So what was the cause? Oh, they couldn't find anything, of course! *insert eye roll*

They did bloodwork, urine tests, a CT scan, an ultrasound and came back with nothing. Of course I was there for 5 hours before I was given anything for pain or nausea, and honestly thought I'd have to pass out before they'd see how much pain I was in. I think the only reason I got help when I did was because a nurse whose daughter is in my room saw me and came and took over!

She kept apologizing for having to stick me twice to get the IV in, but compared to the pain I was in, two sticks was NOTHING! She finally gave me some pain something (I am still not totally thinking straight) and Phenagren which knocked me totally out. I'm not positive what was said after that cause I was so exhausted from the pain and gave in to the meds.

Chris was not pleased with my treatment; he went and told them several times that I needed pain meds when I was writhing and sweating from it. They thought that it might be my gall bladder. The pain was on my upper right hand side, and I was nauseous.

I got irritated with the doctor... he came in after we'd been there at least 2.5 hours already and was asking me about what I'd eaten, trying to figure out if it was my gall bladder...but he hadn't read/understood my history very well cause when I explained to him that all I'd had to eat was sprite, toast, and applesauce, he asked WHY in a kind of pointed tone. So I answered back in a kind of smart tone, "Uh, cause I had diarrhea!" Then he had the sense to back off. It just irritates me that I was in that much misery and no one seemed to be caring!

So after 5 hours there, I had no diagnosis, and the doctor even forgot to prescribe the antibiotics he said I needed! UGH! AND I was so out of it I didn't have the presence of mind to see what the scripts were for that Chris was filling, so he paid for stuff that I'll probably never use. Another frustration!

I slept a ton yesterday and barely even knew I was in the world except for when the boys were so loud they were irritating. I was on my way to Dreamland for the night when Chris yells at me that Isaac is throwing up and he needed help with him.

Oh. my. I have never smelled something so putrid as what came out of my son last night. I kept retching myself while trying to clean it up. He had sat up in his bed and Chris got him from his bed to the bathroom, but he sat down on the toilet instead of preparing for what was coming from the other end, and it went everywhere. All over the clothes that I hadn't gotten washed since I'd been sick, all over the rug, all over the scale, all over him, and I got it all over me trying to clean up. I could start retching again just thinking about it! I don't usually have a weak stomach, but man...that was horrid!

So that decided it...I was staying home with him again today since Chris had had to miss work yesterday when he needed to be there to transition the incoming teacher again. I have the most wonderful coworkers in the world, in case you didn't know that! They had already gotten homework together and sent it with my students yesterday, and said for me not to think another thing about it, that they'd take care of things today as well. Oh, what a blessed relief that is! It will still be chaos, but it will be less painful since I didn't have to go in and SEE the chaos this morning!

So that gets us to today. Isaac has been the easiest patient to deal with in the world. He's entertained himself and let me rest, only asking periodically for something to eat or drink. That's good cause I'm still not very energetic, probably mostly due to the fact that I've only had 1 meal over 3 days' time.

I have an appointment to see a doctor at my regular physicians' office, but unfortunately not my regular doc, on Friday. This is probably just a formality to have her schedule a more conclusive scan. I know that the pain that I was in is NOT normal, and if that was just gas, then good golly I'll live on a liquid diet for the rest of my life to avoid it! Please pray that they can find a cause and that it doesn't happen again, please!

If you read all this, you deserve some kind of reward! Thank you!


Deena said...

Father, God...please provide an answer, a ton of comfort and strength, and some cleaning help to my dear sis.

Judy said...

YIKES! Hope this afternoon's a bit better!!!

Lisa Baker said...

I hope you are feeling better! THat sounds completely terrible! I hope you know that if you need anything that I'm only a phone call away. Take care and try to get some rest!