Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve FLASHBACK!

No, it isn't Friday yet, but we can enjoy a good flashback in the middle of the week every once in a while, can't we?!

Let's share our most vivid memories of New Year's Eves past!

I'll be glad to share mine first (Robin you know what's coming!)

The first one that comes to mind is the New Year's Robin and I spent with our then boyfriends (her now husband, my now ex-boyfriend) at a friend's house. Actually it wasn't a house, it was an apartment over a funeral home, if you wanna really know.

Anyway, we got quite messed up on Mint Vodka. We were dirty dancing with a friend of our men, and he pretty much was running to get away from us....can we say uninhibited?!

My man actually had the flu and spent the entire night in a bedroom sleeping. Every once in a while I took my drunk self in there and talked to him, and made the mistake of sleeping in the room with him that night, cause I ended up catching his flu!

The most vivid memory of that night? Take chair shots! The last one I took, Robin decided my chaser would be poured into my mouth from a 2 liter can imagine what happened. Coke ALLLL down the front of me!

Now, I can't talk about New Year's Eve without mentioning the NEXT New Year's Eve, the one I spent in Salzburg, Austria with Emory & Henry's Concert Choir! We sang in the streets and rang in the new year by the Danube! We took pictures and Heather and I cried at the realization that we were getting ready to graduate from college and move into the real world! Having gone through a difficult breakup over the year that was ending (yes, with the boy who was sick in bed when last I mentioned him) and scratching my way out of a deep hole of depression, I also cried asking others if surely this next year would be better!

OK, now it is your turn! Share your favorite New Year's stories with us! After you've written your post, come here and share with us so we can come read your story!

Happy New Year, ya'll, and here's to a fantastic 2009!


Misty said...

honestly, most of my New Years Eve's have all been low key. For a long time this made me sad, but now I realize I really like it that way!

Zen Ventures said...

you had wonderful new year experiences! :) I hope this new year is as good! Happy New Year!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Happppppy New Year!

Robin said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I had put all those funeral home memories somewhere in the vault. That was a night!! I loved doing and giving chair shots. Remember, when I was drunk, I. Am. SuperWoman. I am laughing so hard right now remembering this. Were we not on our cherry vodka kick yet? =)