Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So do the doctor visits EVER end??

I came home from work yesterday with some pain again on my right side. After about an hour of it still hurting, Chris insisted that I go to the after hours clinic here in town. So they ran more tests and this time, it came back that I had blood in my urine. The doctor that saw me last night believes that I'm having kidney stones. Today they called to schedule a renal CT scan for next Monday. I also have a dentist appointment that same day, so I guess I'll get it all over at once!

Is it just that everyone is busy or does my content stink lately?! I hope it is business!! hee hee

Hopefully it will slow down later in the week when school is finished!

How are your Christmas preparations going? I'm slowly getting there. The tree is UP and we hope to decorate it tonight or tomorrow. I'm working on Christmas cards, and will start wrapping tonight. Most of the shopping is done, if not all. Now if I can keep from spending all our money on co-pays for doctor visits, I'll be happy!!


Erin said...

You poor thing! I really hope you have a restful healthy holiday break.

Mel said...

ugh that does not sound like fun!!!

Judy said...

Here's hoping things calm down and SOON for you on the medical front!

Allison said...

Good luck with your CT scan. I've had back pain off and on for several months (mostly off---it's about every 4 weeks, with the last time being the worst, but I think that time I just really dehydrated myself because I totally felt out of it), and thought at one point it might be kidney stones. I went in to have it checked and got an ultrasound on both kidneys (about a week and a half later---I don't know why they do that when it could be kidney stones---don't you think they'd want it asap to catch one if there is any or anymore?), but it all came back fine (guess if there was one there'd be more, and there's be damage visible or something? I don't know).

But I hope you come back with a clean bill of health! And that they don't just tell you it's "normal" back pain and that you just have to do stretches, etc. :-| And that they keep trying to figure it out.

Steph said...

Going back and forth tot he Dr. is no fun at all, hope things calm down soon. Christmas.... well lets just say it is stressful