Saturday, December 13, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday--Strange Way to Save the World

This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs! It gives words to thoughts we often have, about why did God choose THIS way? It really makes Mary and Joseph seem more real to me as well. Hope that you enjoy it!

I've been emotional yesterday and today....very sentimental. I think part of it is knowing that my coworker, fellow church member, and friend Debbie is in Texas being scanned again to see if there is any way her cancer is operable. I am praying for them constantly! Debbie has such faith and has touched so many lives. It is evident every time I log on to her Caring Bridge journal and more and more people are commenting on how they're praying for her.

Then I just found out that one of my best friends (and the mother of Isaac's best friend) and coworkers is expecting a baby! I'm THRILLED for her, but know that she doesn't have an easy time with pregnancy. In fact, they lost their last baby to miscarriage. I'm praying for them with every breath as well! Their entire family is just so precious to me, and it brings tears to my eyes to know what they've been through already, and to know the miracle that L. is carrying!

Their daughter is in first grade, and yesterday just looking at her brought tears to my eyes! We were practicing for a little program we're doing next week, and we're singing a rendition of "Away in a Manger." I also started thinking about how blessed I am to be teaching in the Bible Belt where no one will be offended or think twice about us singing about Baby Jesus, and then looking out at this sea of faces of our precious students, and I just teared up! Of course, they all looked at me like I'd sprouted a second head! I told 'em that I wasn't upset, that it was a happy cry! I told 'em they did so well, that I cried! That made 'em happy again and they ran off to report that to their teachers.

Then last night I went to watch my beautiful and talented niece dance. Oh, what a joy! I just wept watching her....she is just so graceful and holds herself just so, with even her hand placement perfect! Here she is dancing a principal role in a full-length ballet at 16!! Her beauty and elegance just brings tears to my eyes again. It isn't just me....we'll hear strangers comment about how she is so good that your eyes are just drawn to her.

Of course, being there brings back memories and thoughts of her friend Caitlyn who passed away 3 years ago. She was a dancer too. There are pictures of her in the program, and her parents are always there. I looked at my sister after Katie (my niece) danced last night and said,"I know Caitlyn is so proud of her!" and Suzy nodded with tears in her eyes. God has a precious dancing angel with Him, and I know Caitlyn was jumping up and down and applauding Katie's performance last night!

OK, so I made this much longer than I meant to, but that is what sentimentality does to a gal!

May you have a blessed weekend, my friends!

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Zen Ventures said...

Oh wow you're so like me, sentimental gals alright. If I sing something that really means to me I end up in a puddle! I hope everything turns out Ok for your friend Debbie- I'll keep her in my prayers