Thursday, December 25, 2008

Heavenly Peace....

Merry Christmas, all! I pray that you are filled with HIS Heavenly Peace matter what your circumstances, that you be filled with the Peace that Passeth All Understanding. That is my Christmas wish for each of you, my blogger friends! We have had a lovely day, and it isn't over yet! We spent last evening with Chris' parents, his aunt and cousin, and his brother and family. We had a nice visit, then attended our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service as a family for the first time! We'd never let the boys stay up for it, but they did wonderfully last night! It was so special to spend it with them, showing them how Jesus is the first and foremost reason that we celebrate Christmas.

This morning, we looked at Santa's lovely offerings and opened gifts for our immediate family! We then began preparing food for our visits of the day. We went to Chris' Mamaw's for a few hours and got to see some of the family before coming back home to prepare food for my family gathering. (This was a bone of contention for us: one aunt insisted that we all go to Mamaw's on the actual Christmas Day, where the rest of us would rather do it another day. Chris was very irritated and we vowed to be sure to see Mamaw and not worry about if we saw anyone else!)

Now Chris is fixing the dishes that family members have requested that he make and we will soon leave for my sister's house, where we'll enjoy dinner together and open presents!

In other good news, my nephew Ked was named Kicker to the local newspaper Elite Team!! We are thrilled!! He has at least a couple of colleges looking at him!

I pray that you have had a relaxing and peaceful day and that your celebration of Him continues in the coming days!!

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Judy said...

God's blessings upon you, Christi...hope your Christmas was the BEST!