Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday--Smelly Cat

I was reminded of this song this morning as I passed MY smelly cat on the stairs! I've had her for 12 years, and she's starting to show her age. I don't know if she isn't able to clean herself as well or something, but bless her heart, she does stink.
I never knew, however, that they made Phoebe an official video of the song, did you?!

That's not my favorite, though, but if you wanna see it, its on You Tube!
Friends had just started when I was a senior in college, so I didn't get 'into' it until I was living on my own. I still love to watch it when it is on in reruns!

So what are you remembering today? Please share!


Pamela Kramer said...

This is so funny! I remember it well. I've always owned dogs but I am familiar with the smelly cat. lol - Happy FBF.

Judy said...

LOVE "Friends", especially Phoebe! HAHA! Great flashback, Christi!

Steph said...

I so miss that show and sadly get excited when I can catch the reruns!

Mel said...